Health Equity

About Health Equity

Disparate health outcomes are often the result of historic and systemic inequalities and unequal access to health care. This is untenable in a just society. That’s why California’s hospitals are committed to ensuring every Californian receives equitable, high-quality care. Hospitals alone cannot eliminate health disparities; it will take systemic reform and broad partnerships to improve the status quo. View snapshots of health indicators for CA’s legislative and congressional districts.

Continued Engagement on Health Equity

In a state as diverse as California, keeping our eye on the ball of advancing health equity is critical work. Thanks for what you are doing within your own organizations to understand and address health inequities in care delivery and to be a partner in your community addressing social determinants of health. 

CDPH Licensing in a Post-Pandemic World — Participant Information

Significant changes impacting hospitals are coming with the governor’s announcement that the COVID-19 State of Emergency will end on February 28, 2023. Many state waivers will end and hospitals will need to plan in order to continue certain practices and operations.   Experts from CHA and CDPH will address key issues and take questions during this […]

Member Update and Discussion: FEMA Public Assistance Funds — Participant Information

FEMA public assistance represents an important source of funding to help governmental and not-for-profit hospitals and health systems offset COVID-19 related expenses. However, CHA members have experience numerous delays in getting their applications processed. Join Anne O’Rourke, Senior Vice President, Federal Relations and Chad Mulvany, Vice President Federal Policy as they provide an update on […]

Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive Local: Connecting Patients to Critical Community Resources — Participant Information

When patients leave the hospital, there’s usually some healing ahead. More often than not, special services or assistance are needed to help recovery — crucial resources that may be lacking for vulnerable populations.   Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive Local was developed to address these needs. Thrive Local features a community referral network that integrates health systems, […]