California Hospital Association Political Action Committee

Key to Better Health Care Policy

With every new member, CHPAC grows stronger.

CHPAC is the political advocacy arm for patients, communities, hospitals, and health systems. Together, we foster critical relationships with legislators by helping elect, educate, and build rapport with officials who understand the important role hospitals play in our state.

CHPAC provides campaign financing to officeholders and candidates who are concerned about and committed to better health care for all Californians, determining which candidates to support based on not only their qualifications, but also their knowledge of — and their sensitivity and responsiveness to — health care issues.

Your donation ensures hospitals and health systems have a strong voice when decisions are made that affect their ability to care for people. 

CHPAC is the political advocacy arm for you, your hospital and your patients. Together, we form the foundation upon which CHA’s member hospitals and health systems build relationships.

Membership in the California Hospital Association Political Action Committee (CHPAC) Corporate Presidents’ Club is for corporations that have a vested interest in the vitality of California’s health care community. This prestigious club of businesses is recognized throughout the health care community for understanding the issues affecting hospitals and health systems. Vendors and businesses that supply goods and services to the state’s hospitals and health systems may demonstrate their support and commitment to their clients by joining the CHPAC Corporate Presidents’ Club.

Interested in joining?
Please complete the contribution form and email to CHPAC  or fax to (916) 552-7692.

Contact CHPAC at (916) 552-7532. 

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