California Hospital Association Political Action Committee

Key to Better Health Care Policy


With every new member, CHPAC grows stronger.

CHPAC is the political advocacy arm for patients, communities, hospitals, and health systems. Together, we foster critical relationships with legislators by helping elect, educate, and build rapport with officials who understand the important role hospitals play in our state.

CHPAC provides campaign financing to officeholders and candidates who are concerned about and committed to better health care for all Californians, determining which candidates to support based on not only their qualifications but also their knowledge of — and their sensitivity and responsiveness to — health care issues.

Your donation ensures hospitals and health systems have a strong voice when decisions are made that affect their ability to care for people. 

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CHPAC is the political advocacy arm for you, your hospital and your patients. Together, we form the foundation upon which CHA’s member hospitals and health systems build relationships.

CHPAC Board of Directors

Thank You To Our 2021 Donors

Support for CHPAC is entirely voluntary. CHPAC raises funds from individuals who, acting in their personal capacities and on their own time, wish to support CHPAC’s activities. CHPAC collects information from supporters regarding their employment solely for purposes of compliance with campaign finance disclosure rules (although it reserves the right to use that information to track sources of support, as well). CHPAC conducts its activities independently of any hospital, and the reference to any organization in connection with any CHPAC supporter is for identification purposes only, and does not indicate endorsement by such organization of CHPAC or its activities.

Organization listed for identification purposes only, contribution from individual named.

  • T Abraham, Hospital Council – Northern and Central California
  • Charlie Abraham, Providence St. Mary Medical Center
  • Susan Acquisto, Regulatory, Risk, Compliance Specialists, Inc.
  • Greg Adams, Kaiser Permanente
  • Amy Adome, Sharp HealthCare
  • Nasim Afsar
  • George Akopyan, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
  • Debra Albin-Riley, Arent Fox, LLP
  • Brian Alexander, Sutter Roseville Medical Center
  • Dimitrios Alexiou, Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties
  • Dick Allen, Palmdale Regional Medical Center
  • Sue Andersen, Marian Regional Medical Center
  • Barry Arbuckle, MemorialCare Health System
  • Doug Archer, Mark Twain Medical Center
  • Judi Arnett, Cedars-Sinai
  • Lynne Ashbeck, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Kerry Ashment, Kindred Hospital – San Diego
  • Donna Astrinidis, Hospital Council – Northern and Central California
  • Marcia Augsburger, King & Spalding LLP
  • Joan August, Cedars-Sinai
  • Kat Austin Scott, California Hospital Association
  • Joe  Avelino, College Medical Center
  • Gail Aviado, Montclair Hospital Medical Center
  • Whitney Ayers, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Alain Azcona, Aurora Behavioral Health Care San Diego
  • David Bacci, Hospital Council – Northern and Central California
  • Peter Baker, Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital
  • Melissa Baker, Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance
  • Scott Baker, Tahoe Forest Hospital District
  • Elaine Baker, Enloe Medical Center
  • Brooke Baldwin, UC Irvine Health
  • Phyllis Baltz, Methodist Hospital of Sacramento
  • Megan Barajas, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Michelle Barritt, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
  • BJ Bartleson, California Hospital Association
  • Elaine Batchlor, MLK Community Healthcare
  • David Batista, Doctors Hospital of Riverside
  • Gideon Baum, California Hospital Association
  • John Beaman, Adventist Health
  • Kimberley Beauford, Sharp Grossmont Hospital
  • Silka Benic, Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties
  • Rony Berdugo, California Hospital Association
  • Joel Bergenfeld, Pipeline Los Angeles
  • Kavitha Bhatia, Prime Healthcare Services
  • John Bishop, Long Beach Medical Center
  • Adam Blackstone, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Patricia Blaisdell, California Hospital Association
  • Nancy Blake, LAC+USC Medical Center
  • Kim Blanc, California Hospital Association
  • Janelle Blanco, United Hospital Association (UHA)
  • Jan Blue, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
  • Jonathan Bolotin, Cedars-Sinai
  • Linda Bolton, Cedars-Sinai
  • Sergio Bonilla, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Lloyd Bookman, Hooper, Lundy & Bookman, PC
  • Paul Bouganim, Cedars-Sinai
  • Chris Boyd, Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek Medical Center
  • James Boyle, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
  • Robert Braithwaite, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
  • Downapha Britton, Coast Plaza Hospital
  • Jason Broad, Sharp Grossmont Hospital
  • Lorraine Broglie, Sharp Memorial Hospital
  • Tami Brooks, Sierra Vista Hospital
  • Lowell Brown, Arent Fox, LLP
  • Marcy Brown, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
  • Joel Brownell, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Warren Browner, California Pacific Medical Center – Mission Bernal Campus
  • Alex Bryan, Adventist Health
  • Mara Bryant, Adventist Health White Memorial
  • Matt Bryant, California Hospital Association
  • Naishadh Buch, Lompoc Valley Medical Center
  • Bryan Bucklew, Hospital Council – Northern and Central California
  • Kiyomi Burchill, California Hospital Association
  • Stuart Buttlaire, Kaiser Permanente Northern California Region
  • Carrie Byington, UC Health
  • Steven Cabrales, Montage Health
  • Carolyn Caldwell, St. Mary Medical Center Long Beach
  • Terri Cammarano, Cedars-Sinai
  • Tracy Campbell, California Hospital Association
  • Kimberley Cardenas, Enloe Behavioral Health
  • Alisha Carpenter, Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital
  • Victor Carrasco, East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital
  • Bill Carriere, Carriere Family Farms
  • Mark Carvalho, Montage Medical Group
  • Carmella Cassetta, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
  • Edmundo Castañeda, Mercy General Hospital
  • Randy Castillo, Providence St. Mary Medical Center
  • Bill Caswell, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Region
  • Kevin Causey, Montage Health
  • William Chaltraw, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Matthew Chandler, Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center San Pedro
  • Betsy Chapin Taylor, Adventist Health
  • John Chapman, San Antonio Regional Hospital
  • Irene Chavez, Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center
  • Shari Chavez, HCA Healthcare – Far West Division
  • Stella Chen, Cedars-Sinai
  • Dave Cheney, Sutter Medical Center
  • Alice Cheng, Beverly Hospital
  • Omar Chughtai, El Camino Health, Los Gatos
  • Scott Ciesielski, Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance
  • David Clark, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center – Alta Bates Campus
  • Julie Clayton, Barton Memorial Hospital
  • Liz Cochran, Adventist Health Glendale
  • Jo Coffaro, Hospital Council – Northern and Central California
  • Michon Coleman, Hospital Council – Northern and Central California
  • Maria Colombo, Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns
  • Teresa Conk, Hoag Hospital Irvine
  • William Conrad, Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center San Pedro
  • Brian Cook, HCA Healthcare – Far West Division
  • Becky Cook, Adventist Health Lodi Memorial
  • Andrew Cope, El Camino Health, Mountain View
  • Eric Cornwell, Dameron Hospital
  • Mark Costa, Kaiser Permanente Orange County – Anaheim Medical Center
  • Michele Coughlin, California Hospital Association
  • Lisa Cowan, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
  • Jonathan Cowan, El Camino Health, Mountain View
  • Carmela Coyle, California Hospital Association
  • Kim Cripe, Children’s Hospital of Orange County
  • Bryan Croft, Cedars-Sinai
  • Jennifer Cruikshank, Riverside University Health System – Medical Center
  • Cecile Currier, El Camino Health, Mountain View
  • Rob Curry, Emanate Health
  • Jim Dale, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
  • Lori Dangberg, Alliance of Catholic Health Care
  • Adam Darvish, Kindred Hospital – Los Angeles
  • Andrea Daugherty, California Hospital Association
  • Nolly Davé-Sachdev, Cedars-Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital
  • Susan Davis, Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns
  • Emily DeFillipo, Vibra Hospital of Northern California
  • Pete Delgado, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System
  • Stephen Deutsch, Cedar -Sinai
  • Gigi Dhillon, San Antonio Regional Hospital
  • Steve Dietlin, Tri-City Healthcare District
  • Minty Dillon, Good Samaritan Hospital
  • John Dingilian, Adventist Health Simi Valley
  • Tracy Donegan, MLK Community Healthcare
  • D Donovan, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
  • Abhishek Dosi
  • Julia Drefke, Adventist Health
  • Marilyn Drone, Providence St. Mary Medical Center
  • Sandy Dugger, Banner Lassen Medical Center
  • Craig Duncan
  • Traci Duncan, NorthBay Healthcare Corporation
  • Mary Dupree, California Hospital Association
  • Kerry Easthope, Kaiser Permanente Northern California Region
  • Pamela Eck, Hospital Council – Northern and Central California
  • Laurie Ecoff, Sharp HealthCare
  • Adolphe Edward, El Centro Regional Medical Center
  • Susan Ehrlich, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center
  • Laurie Eldridge, Marshall Medical Center
  • Bradley Elkin, Diepenbrock Elkin Dauer McCandless LLP
  • Jan Emerson Shea, California Hospital Association
  • Jeanette Engle-Ramirez, Dominican Hospital
  • David Entwistle, Stanford Health Care
  • Scott Evans, Sharp Grossmont Hospital
  • Lisa Evans, California Hospital Association
  • Clara Evans, Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego
  • John Fankhauser, Ventura County Medical Center
  • Casey Fatch, Shasta Regional Medical Center
  • Jane Finley, Kaiser Permanente Zion Medical Center
  • Michele Finney, Tenet Healthcare Corporation
  • John Fisher, MLK Community Healthcare
  • Debra Flores, Kaiser Permanente San Leandro Medical Center
  • Lisa Foust, John Muir Health
  • Jolene Francis, Enloe Medical Center
  • Patrick Frias, Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego
  • John Friel
  • David Frishberg, Cedars-Sinai
  • Michelle Fuentes, Adventist Health Sonora
  • Danielle Gabele, Cedars-Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital
  • Michael Gam, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
  • Mark Gamble, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Tom Gammiere, Scripps Mercy Hospital
  • Em Garcia, Encino Hospital Medical Center
  • Jaime Garcia
  • Jackie Garman, California Hospital Association
  • Michelle Gaskill-Hames, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan
  • Peggy Gaul, Sharp Grossmont Hospital
  • Lisa Geraty, California Hospital Association
  • Jared Giles, Rancho Springs Medical Center
  • Delma Giroski, California Hospital Association
  • Barbara Glaser
  • John Goeders, Providence Saint John’s Health Center
  • Michelle Goldbach, Kindred Hospital – San Diego
  • Jeffery Golden, Cedars-Sinai
  • Michael Goldring, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Robin Gomez, Alvarado Hospital Medical Center
  • Trina Gonzalez, California Hospital Association
  • Laura Goria, Hospital Council – Northern and Central California
  • John Grah, Lakewood Regional Medical Center
  • Bill Graham, Sequoia Hospital
  • George Greene, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Dietmar Grellmann, California Hospital Association
  • Janell Griggs, Hoag Hospital Irvine
  • Ron Groepper, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center
  • Andrew Guarni, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
  • Ingrid Hamel, California Hospital Association
  • Diane Hansen, Palomar Health
  • Meghan Hardin, Hospital Council – Northern and Central California
  • Will Harris, California Hospital Association
  • Kimberly Hartz, Washington Hospital Healthcare System
  • Lisa Hartzell, California Hospital Association
  • Alex Hawthorne, California Hospital Association
  • Brady Haynes, Enloe Medical Center
  • Donna Hefner, Sierra View Medical Center
  • Jodi Hein, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
  • Kerry Heinrich, Adventist Health
  • Brian Hennebry, Providence St. Mary Medical Center
  • Steve Herber, Adventist Health St. Helena
  • Gary Herbst, Kaweah Delta Health Care District
  • Chad Hickerson, Santa Rosa Behavioral Healthcare Hospital
  • Sherie Hickman, Sutter Delta Medical Center
  • Kingman Ho, Adventist Health Glendale
  • Keith Hobbs, Torrance Memorial Medical Center
  • David Hodge, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Todd Hoff, Select Specialty Hospital – San Diego
  • Rex Hoffman, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
  • Todd Hofheins, Adventist Health
  • Teri Hollingsworth, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Dominique Hollister, Dominican Hospital
  • Jim Holmes, Redlands Community Hospital
  • Jean Holtman, Providence St. Mary Medical Center
  • George Holtz, Beverly Hospital
  • Gary Honts, JFK Memorial Hospital
  • Chris Howard, Sharp HealthCare
  • Megan Howard, California Hospital Association, DC Office
  • Melissa Howard, Emanate Health Foothill Presbyterian Hospital
  • Wah-Chung Hsu, San Antonio Regional Hospital
  • Jeffery Hudson-Corolo, Sierra View Medical Center
  • Fred Hunter, Desert Valley Hospital
  • Paul Huon, Community Hospital of Huntington Park
  • Robert Imhoff, Hospital Quality Institute
  • Kathleen Imhoff, California Hospital Association
  • Bill Isenberg, Sutter Health
  • Alice Issai, Adventist Health Glendale
  • Sam Itani, Corona Regional Medical Center
  • Kris Iyer, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
  • Brent Jackson, Mercy General Hospital
  • Richard Jacobs, Cedars-Sinai Health System
  • Mary Jo Jacobson, San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Neerav Jadeja, Paradise Valley Hospital
  • Andrew Jahn, Adventist Health
  • John Jenrette, Cedars-Sinai Health System
  • Brian Jensen, Hospital Council – Northern and Central California
  • Lisa Johnston, Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns
  • Dan Jones, St. Francis Medical Center
  • Diane Jones, Enloe Medical Center
  • Konard Jones, NorthBay Healthcare
  • Scott Joslyn, UC Irvine Health
  • Deborah Kallick, Cedars-Sinai
  • Chuck Kassis, Mercy Medical Center Merced
  • Alyssa Keefe, CommonSpirit Health
  • Ken Keller, Bakersfield Memorial Hospital
  • Scott Kelly, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
  • Victor Kennedy, Cedars-Sinai
  • Joan Kezic, El Camino Health, Mountain View
  • Trisha Khaleghi, Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns
  • Sara Khan, San Antonio Regional Hospital
  • Sarah Kilpatrick, Cedars-Sinai
  • Ginny Kim, Cedars-Sinai
  • Hyung Kim, Cedars-Sinai
  • Paul King, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford
  • Warren Kirk, Doctors Medical Center of Modesto
  • Donna Kistler
  • Douglas Kleam, St. Bernardine Medical Center
  • Bernie Klein, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
  • David Klein, MarinHealth Medical Center
  • Calvin Knight, John Muir Health
  • Andrea Kofl, Adventist Health Reedley
  • June Komar, Scripps Health
  • David Kowalski, Kindred Hospital – La Mirada
  • Jennifer Kozakowski, Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center San Pedro
  • John Kozyra, Providence St. Mary Medical Center
  • Steven Krems, Cedars-Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital
  • Rick Krepelka, Ardee, Inc
  • Don Kreitz, Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc.
  • Sarah Krevans, Sutter Health
  • Ann-Louise Kuhns, California Children’s Hospital Association
  • Daryn Kumar, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
  • Elizabeth LaBorde, Adventist Health Glendale
  • Joanne Laguna-Kennedy, Cedars-Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital
  • Barry Landsberg, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips
  • Mark Laret, UCSF Medical Center
  • Donna Larson, Enloe Medical Center
  • Haady Lashkari, Ojai Valley Community Hospital
  • Marlee Lauffer, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
  • James Laur, Cedars-Sinai
  • Adrienne Laurent, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System
  • Craig Leach, Torrance Memorial Medical Center
  • Judy Leach, Adventist Health Mendocino Coast
  • Clare Lee, Cedars-Sinai
  • Ben Leedle, Blue Zones
  • Chad Lefteris, UC Irvine Health
  • Hope Levy-Biehl, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
  • Larry Lewis, Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District
  • Jolie Limon, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Carol Linscheid
  • Mark Lisa, Twin Cities Community Hospital
  • Alexander Ljubimov, Cedars-Sinai
  • Brenda Logan, Enloe Medical Center
  • Marcel Loh, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center
  • Kimberly Long, Association of California Nurse Leaders
  • Augustine Lopez, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System
  • Paul Lorenz, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
  • Elizabeth Lorenzi, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
  • Sheree Lowe, California Hospital Association
  • Ann Lucena, San Ramon Regional Medical Center
  • Samuel Maizel, Dentons Law Firm
  • Patrick Maloney, Enloe Medical Center
  • Marcia Manker, Orange Coast Medical Center
  • Ramella Markarian, Adventist Health Glendale
  • David Marshall, Cedars-Sinai
  • Cathy Martin, Association of California Healthcare Districts
  • Richard Martin, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
  • Jill Martin, Cedars-Sinai
  • Julie Martin, Enloe Medical Center
  • Kerin Mase, Sutter Coast Hospital
  • Mary Massey, California Hospital Association
  • Precious Mayes, Pacifica Hospital of the Valley
  • Patty Maysent, UC San Diego Health
  • Brett McClain, Sharp HealthCare
  • Brooke McCollough, Adventist Health Lodi Memorial
  • John McCormick, Oak Valley Hospital
  • Kenn McFarland
  • Tim McGlew, Kern Valley Healthcare District
  • Rachael McKinney, Sutter Davis Hospital
  • Anne McLeod, Private Essential Access Community Hospitals, Inc.
  • James McNulty, Kaweah Delta Health Care District
  • Stephanie Mearns
  • Liz Mekjavich, California Hospital Association
  • Shlomo Melmed, Cedars-Sinai
  • Kevan Metcalfe, Memorial Hospital of Gardena
  • Kim Meyers, Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital
  • Nan Mickiewicz, Dominican Hospital
  • Frederick Miller, Adventist Health White Memorial
  • Julie Miller-Phipps, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Region
  • Jennifer Mitzner, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
  • Amit Mohan, Barlow Respiratory Hospital
  • Megan Montgomery-West
  • James Moore, Enloe Medical Center
  • Alina Moran, California Hospital Medical Center
  • Lauren Moran, California Hospital Association
  • Lori Morgan, Huntington Hospital
  • Matt Morgan, Montage Health
  • Devin Morrison
  • Ray Moss, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
  • Ayman Mousa, La Palma Intercommunity Hospital
  • Chad Mulvany, California Hospital Association, DC Office
  • Erica Murray, California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Natalie Mussi, Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center
  • Patti Nakagawa, Providence St. Jude Medical Center
  • Mohammad Naser, Centinela Hospital Medical Center
  • Kelly Neiger, Barton Memorial Hospital
  • Siri Nelson, Marshall Medical Center
  • Bill Nelson, L.A. Downtown Medical Center
  • Marcia Nelson, Enloe Medical Center
  • Jennifer Newman, California Hospital Association
  • Joyce Newmyer, Adventist Health
  • Jinhee Nguyen, Adventist Health Glendale
  • Angela Nielsen, Hospital Council – Northern and Central California
  • Pinkie Nolan, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
  • Tim Nylen, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
  • Arthur Ochoa, Cedars-Sinai
  • Margaret O’Donnell, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Garry Olney, Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center San Pedro
  • Gabriela Ornelas, Methodist Hospital of Southern California
  • Anne O’Rourke, California Hospital Association, DC Office
  • Andrew Ortiz, Cedars-Sinai Health System
  • Tom Osteen, Enloe Medical Center
  • Amber Ott, California Hospital Association
  • Ted Owens, Tahoe Forest Hospital District
  • Steve Packer, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
  • Doug Padgett, Totally Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Rodger Page, Mercy Medical Center Mount Shasta
  • Kamal Pandya, San Antonio Regional Hospital
  • Karen Paolinelli, Madera Community Hospital
  • Marguerite Paradis
  • Gerardo Paras, Pipeline Los Angeles
  • Brianna Parker, California Hospital Association
  • Chris Pass, John Muir Health
  • Gino Patrizio, Memorial Medical Center
  • Amanda Patterson, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Pat Patton, UCSF Medical Center
  • Christiana Paul, Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital
  • Cynthia Peck, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
  • Barbara Pelletreau, Dignity Health
  • Soraya Peters, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Margaret Peterson, AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center
  • Dan Peterson, Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital
  • Stephanie Phann, Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties
  • Michael Phillips, Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center
  • Glenda Pickett, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
  • Bruce Pollack, MLK Community Healthcare
  • Natale Ponticello, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Ellie Popadic, Sutter Coast Hospital
  • Steve Popkin, Lompoc Valley Medical Center
  • Sheila Porter
  • Robert Pretzlaff, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
  • Tom Priselac, Cedars-Sinai
  • Edward Prunchunas, Cedars-Sinai
  • Mark Puleo, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
  • Clint Purvance, Barton Memorial Hospital
  • Katrina Quinto, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Patrick Rafferty, Coast Plaza Hospital
  • John Raffoul, Adventist Health White Memorial
  • Paul Rains, St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health Center
  • Rick Rawson
  • Mark Reagan, Hooper, Lundy & Bookman, PC
  • Cathy Rebman, San Antonio Regional Hospital
  • Prem Reddy, Prime Healthcare Services
  • Matt Rees, Jerold Phelps Community Hospital
  • Sandra Reilly, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
  • Scott Reiner, Adventist Health
  • Cheryl Reinking, El Camino Health, Mountain View
  • Julie Reppas, California Hospital Association
  • Jorge Reyno, MLK Community Healthcare
  • Ana Reza, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Blin Richards, Adventist Health White Memorial
  • Sharon Richards, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Lois Richardson, California Hospital Association
  • Stella Riddell, Adventist Health Simi Valley
  • Richard Riggs, Cedars-Sinai Health System
  • Isela Rivas, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Vicki Rollins, L.A. Downtown Medical Center
  • Kimberlee Rosa, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
  • Sam Roth, Tenet Healthcare Corporation
  • Anthony Roth, California Hospital Association
  • Barb Roth, California Hospital Association
  • Richard Rowe, Garden Grove Hospital and Medical Center
  • Rebecca Rozen, Hospital Council – Northern and Central California
  • Daniel Ruth, San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living
  • Pat Ryan, Eden Medical Center
  • Tomi Ryba, Good Samaritan Hospital – San Jose
  • Sherri Sager, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford
  • Rebecca Sanders, Dameron Hospital
  • Darryl Sanford, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • René Santiago, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
  • David Santos, Adventist Health Clear Lake
  • Rob Saroyan, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Harry Sax, Cedars-Sinai
  • Parrish Scarboro, Chino Valley Medical Center
  • Walter Schafer
  • Shelly Schlenker, CommonSpirit Health
  • Evelyn Schlosser, Providence Mission Hospital
  • Peter Schneider, UC Irvine Health
  • Maia Schneider, Marshall Medical Center
  • Emily Schroeder, California Hospital Association
  • Greg Schwarz, Adventist Health White Memorial
  • Roger Seaver, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
  • Rita Shane, Cedars-Sinai
  • Kevin Shimamoto, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Rick Shumway, Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare – Pleasanton
  • Brad Simmons, UC Davis Medical Center
  • David Simon, California Hospital Association
  • Steven Simons, Cedars-Sinai
  • Sajid Sindha, Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center San Pedro
  • David Singh, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Ted Sirotta, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
  • Judy Sitton, Enloe Medical Center
  • Randolph Siwabessy, UC Irvine Health
  • Erik Skindrud, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Jeff Smith, Cedars-Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital
  • James Smith, Sharp Memorial Hospital
  • Robert Smith, VA San Diego Healthcare System
  • Todd Smith, Mercy Medical Center Redding
  • Tim Smith, Sharp Memorial Hospital
  • Shannon Smith, Enloe Behavioral Health
  • Kevin Smothers, Sutter Medical Center
  • Debbie Sober, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
  • Glenn Solomon, King & Spalding LLP
  • Lisa Sontag, Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties
  • Tom Soto, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Maria Sperber, California Hospital Association
  • Johnese Spisso, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
  • Julie Sprengel, Dignity Health – Southern California
  • Steve Stark, Orchard Hospital
  • Tobi Steaman, California Hospital Association
  • Susan Steffes-Ferri, California Hospital Association
  • Carol Stern, Pro Pharma Pharmaceutical Consultants, Inc.
  • Donovan Stewart, Dameron Hospital
  • Michelle Stoddard, San Antonio Regional Hospital
  • Susan Stone, Sharp Coronado Hospital and Healthcare Center
  • Jeff Stout, MLK Community Healthcare
  • Audra Strickland, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Doug Sturnick, Cedars-Sinai
  • Dyan Sublett, MLK Community Healthcare
  • Caryn Sumek, Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties
  • Todd Suntrapak, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Dale Surowitz, Joyce Eisenberg Keefer Medical Center
  • Jim Suver, Ridgecrest Regional Hospital
  • Jennifer Swenson, Adventist Health Simi Valley
  • Felicia Sze, El Centro Regional Medical Center
  • Patrick Takahashi, Adventist Health White Memorial
  • Susan Taylor, College Hospital Costa Mesa
  • Seth Teigen, Providence Mission Hospital
  • Amber Ter-Vrugt, Scripps Health
  • Mike Thomas, John Muir Health
  • Mitchell Thomas, MLK Community Healthcare
  • Vicky Tilton, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Cari Toneck, Methodist Hospital of Southern California
  • Daron Tooch, King & Spalding LLP
  • Andrew Toth, Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns
  • Christine Tuchmayer, Cedars-Sinai Health System
  • Ryan Tuchmayer, Cedars-Sinai
  • Debbie Turner, San Antonio Regional Hospital
  • Scott Twomey, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Gus Valdespino, Valley Presbyterian Hospital
  • Linda Van Fulpen, Sharp Grossmont Hospital
  • Patricia Vasquez, Adventist Health White Memorial
  • Marlys Vespe, Scripps Mercy Hospital Chula Vista
  • Dawn Vicari
  • Rudy Vidales, Adventist Health White Memorial
  • Paul Viviano, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Michelle Von Tersch, Community Medical Centers
  • Lindsey J. Wade, Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties
  • Janet Wagner, Mills-Peninsula Medical Center
  • Judy Wagner, Providence St. Mary Medical Center
  • Michele Waldron, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Robert Walters, Kentfield Hospital
  • Louis Ward, Mayers Memorial Hospital District
  • Candice Washilewski, Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance
  • Elisa Washington, Hospital Council – Northern and Central California
  • Anne Marie Watkins, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan
  • Brian Weinberg, Cedars-Sinai Health System
  • Harry Weis, Tahoe Forest Hospital District
  • Jason Wells, Adventist Health
  • Bob Wentz, Oroville Hospital
  • Ron Werft, Cottage Health
  • Jim West, PIH Health Whittier Hospital
  • Ken West, Regional Medical Center of San Jose
  • Darlene Wetton, Temecula Valley Hospital
  • Erik Wexler, Providence
  • Peggy Wheeler, California Hospital Association
  • Janice White, UC Irvine Health
  • Sharon White, Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns
  • Jason Whitney, Adventist Health Lodi Memorial
  • Gary Wilde, Community Memorial Hospital
  • Donald Wiley, St. Joseph’s Medical Center
  • Vita Willett, Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center
  • Pat Williams, Fremont Hospital
  • Jane Willson, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Anita Wilson, Valley Children’s Healthcare
  • Mike Wiltermood, Enloe Medical Center
  • Bill Wing, Adventist Health
  • Ryan Witz, California Hospital Association
  • Daniel Wolcott, Adventist Health Bakersfield
  • Phillip Wolfe, Kindred Hospital – Westminster
  • Dan Woods, El Camino Health, Mountain View
  • Kevin Woodward, Enloe Medical Center
  • David Wrigley, Cedars-Sinai
  • Rich Yochum, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
  • Gregg Yost, Pacifica Hospital of the Valley
  • Paul Young, Hospital Association of Southern California
  • Mike Zauner, Heritage Oaks Hospital
  • Laura Zehm, Montage Health
  • Douglas Ziegeler, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
  • Justin Ziombra, California Hospital Association
  • Jeremy Zoch, Providence St. Joseph Hospital Orange
  • Ellen Zoschak, Chabot Group

Corporate Donors

  • Arent Fox, LLP
  • California Healthcare Insurance Company, Inc.
  • HealthPlus Shared Solutions
  • Nossaman, LLP
  • Prevail Insurance Management Services, Inc.
  • Randle Communications
  • Steve Clark & Associates
  • Synergy Health Partners
  • Toyon Associates, Inc.
  • US Acute Care Solutions
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Corporate Presidents’ Club Members

Membership in the California Hospital Association Political Action Committee (CHPAC) Corporate Presidents’ Club is for corporations that have a vested interest in the vitality of California’s health care community. This prestigious club of businesses is recognized throughout the health care community for understanding the issues affecting hospitals and health systems. Vendors and businesses that supply goods and services to the state’s hospitals and health systems may demonstrate their support and commitment to their clients by joining the CHPAC Corporate Presidents’ Club.

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Arent Fox, LLP

Arent Fox LLP provides strategic legal counsel and multidisciplinary solutions to a global roster of corporations, governments, and trade associations. Our nationally recognized Health Care Industry Group features veteran attorneys with years of experience advising hospitals and other health care providers.

Lowell Brown is widely recognized as one of California’s pre-eminent medical staff lawyers. His long experience counseling health care providers includes medical staff peer review, disciplinary hearings, regulatory matters, and health care operations.  He has appeared before the California Courts of Appeal and the California Supreme Court in multiple medical staff peer review matters.  The highly respected Chambers USA attorney ranking service places Lowell in Band 1, the highest level available.  

Debra Albin-Riley specializes in helping clients navigate sophisticated health care-related disputes, including complex disciplinary hearings.  Her extensive experience before judges, hearing panels and other decision-makers allows her to take matters to trial or resolve matters successfully for her clients. 

As noted in Chambers USA in 2021: “She is knowledgeable, experienced, forceful and articulate – all qualities that are critical in this area.”  Debra has argued peer-review related matters before the California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal, and was recently named a Top Health Care Lawyer by Daily Journal.


Lowell Brown – Health Care Partner
[email protected]
(213) 443-7516

Debra Albin-Riley – Health Care Partner
[email protected]
(213) 443-7545

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California Healthcare Insurance Company

California Healthcare Insurance Company, Inc., A Risk Retention Group (CHI) was founded in 1988 by nine CHA hospitals that banded together to form a policyholder-owned insurance company to manage their professional liability risk.

CHI is solely focused on offering insurance solutions to health care organizations including hospitals, health care entities, physician groups, dentists, and select long-term care entities.  CHI is designed to provide long-term financial stability to the health care insurance liability market through consistent pricing, broad coverage, and premium rate stability for health care organizations and providers.

Over more than 30 years, CHI has become one of the most successful, long-standing captive insurance companies of its type in the world.  CHI is rated A- (Excellent) with a positive outlook and a Financial Size Category (FSC) of VII by A.M. Best, the insurance industry rating agency, and is the longest continually operating health care professional liability insurance company in California.


Diane Abbett – President
[email protected]
(916) 205-7662

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Prevail Insurance Management Services

Prevail provides specialized insurance management and brokerage services focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. Services are designed to simplify your life by managing all your insurance needs, including Malpractice Insurance, Workers Comp as well as Excess insurance coverages above self-insured retentions.

As an independent broker, Prevail works with the best solutions in the marketplace including some that are exclusive. Prevail is well-known for its proven ability to save clients 10% to 40% on their insurance premiums.

“Prevail analyzed all our policies and outlined specific strategies for improvement. The status quo was no longer an option. We made the decision to move our entire insurance portfolio over to Prevail’s insurance management services and are extremely pleased with the results and their attentive service. Prevail helped us improve and lowered costs for our Professional & General liability coverage. I’m glad we moved our business to Prevail.

Matt Morgan, Chief Financial Officer, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula

“Prevail provided expert analysis and saved our organization money. Their work was timely and professional, and minimized the impact on our decision making team. We are extremely pleased with the results, look forward to future opportunities and highly recommend Prevail to others.”

Steve Stark, CEO, Orchard Hospital


Ben Borchers – Co-Founder & CEO
(916) 745-8801 

Devin Eckhardt – Co-Founder & President
(916) 745-8802

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Statler Nagle LLC

Statler Nagle LLC – founded in 2008, is a unique advocacy and marketing consulting firm. We specialize in creating and managing customized programs that transform the way people think about products and services at the category level that they otherwise take for granted.

We do this by repositioning the value of industries or advocacy ideas, for key audiences up and down the value chain, to drive to measurable marketing, or policy, outcomes. We offer unique and proprietary knowledge of category level programs, including best practices, methods, and tools developed from work on over 25 category level programs from milk, to insurance to vaccines, oil and gas, canned food and many more.

“Statler Nagle’s commitment to top-tier work product, diligence, and process is a winning combination if success requires collaboration across diverse and competitive stakeholders. Regardless of the task, the Statler Nagle team crushes it. Truly exceptional professionals and people.”

Christine Cochran
President and CEO, SNAC International


Tom Nagle
[email protected]

Olivier Viel
[email protected]

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Toyon Associates, Inc.

For more than 35 years, Toyon Associates has ensured that hospitals and integrated health systems maximize their Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements while maintaining compliance with government regulations. We are one of the few healthcare reimbursement consulting firms in the nation to offer comprehensive services from cost report preparation through appeals.

Toyon Associates combines innovative technology with a passion for accuracy and a commitment to service excellence. Our proprietary software ensures accuracy and efficiency. Our teams of specialists combine hospital, public accounting, and intermediary based experience to create customized solutions within the most technical areas of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. In a world of constantly evolving regulations, it takes an expert to apply the latest federal mandates. Our teams of experts routinely exceed client expectations. Discover why our clients remain with us, decade after decade.

“When tasked with standardizing and centralizing our government reporting process…I partnered with Toyon for their deep technical resources and Absolute®, their automated workpaper system. Toyon helped us move from individual facility data collection to a single shared services center. The result…cost reports completed on time and on budget, audit adjustments had virtually disappeared, and the system had achieved annual reimbursement improvements in the $10s of millions.”

Director of Reimbursement, Large Multi-State Health System

“Toyon consistently delivers forward-thinking, value-added results with exemplary customer service. Over the years we have brought in Toyon for help across the reimbursement spectrum, ranging from meeting annual regulatory requirements to executing on special projects that have added material dollars to the bottom line. From beginning to end on each project, our entire team, from staff to executive, has felt 100% taken care of.”

Vice President, Strategic Planning and Revenue Cycle, 500+ California-Based Acute Care Hospital

“We have worked with Toyon on a variety of projects over the years and they have become an important and trustworthy part of our team. We use their Absolute product at many of our facilities and it is truly best in class.”

Vice President of Reimbursement & Revenue Integrity, 75+ Nationwide Healthcare System


Fred Fisher, Vice President, Service Development
[email protected]
(888) 514-9312

Ryan Sader, Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]
(888) 514-9312

Ron Knapp, Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]
(888) 514-9312

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US Acute Care Solutions

Founded by 16 emergency medicine and hospitalist physician groups across the country, USACS is the national leader in physician-owned integrated acute care, including emergency medicine, hospitalist and critical care services.

USACS provides high-quality care to approximately 7 million patients annually across more than 300 programs and is aligned with leading health systems across the country. Visit to learn more.

Before implementing VEP’s Rapid Patient Management Program, the wait was so long that patients would leave. Today, our LWBS rate is under 2%”

Marc Futernick, MD, Medical Director, California Hospital Medical Center

We have had a long-standing partnership with VEP Healthcare (now part of US Acute Care Solutions) on trust and collaboration. VEP have run our emergency services for many years, and we recently expanded our partnership to include staffing and managing our pediatrics hospitalist program. We couldn’t be any happier with our relationship.

John Raffoul, President, Adventist Health White Memorial


Steve Maron, MD – President, USACS West
[email protected]
(916) 712-7802

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