CHA Awards

CHA is dedicated to recognizing hospitals, health care workers, and others for accomplishments and service in support of Californians’ health and health care. CHA issues these merit-based recognitions periodically as accomplishments are reviewed.

Life Membership

Nominations may be made to designate a person, or persons, as a member for life. The award is presented to individuals who have made a significant service contribution to CHA, upon their retirement from active participation in health care administration.

Public Service Award

The Public Service Award may be given by the CHA Board of Trustees to recognize elected or appointed officials who demonstrate a commitment to health care policies and issues. Candidates must be responsive to the needs of patients and health care providers.

In addition, they must be recognized as contributors to the public good, through sponsorship or leadership relative to legislation, regulations, public policy or community service. Candidates must show, through direct action, support for the need to balance access, quality and continuity of care with fair payments. They must demonstrate an appreciation for the inter-relationships between public and private health financing systems and delivery programs. They also must have an appreciation for the changing environment and issues affecting California’s health care community.

Award of Merit

CHA’s Highest Honor

CHA’s highest honor, the Award of Merit may be given to a CHA member executive for outstanding contributions to the California health care community. Traditionally, the recipient has provided outstanding service over an extended period. The Award of Merit is awarded for contributions that have gone far beyond association activities, and is given only when the qualifications of the nominee are extraordinary. The award is not necessarily given on an annual basis and, on a few occasions, two Awards of Merit have been given in the same year.

Ritz E. Heerman Memorial Award

The Ritz E. Heerman Memorial Award, named in honor of CHA’s first president, is granted only for a specific outstanding contribution to the improvement of patient care in California – such as the development of new equipment, techniques, cost-savings strategies or patient-safety measures. It is not to be made for general contributions in the health care field. An individual, organization, hospital, health system or provider may qualify for the award, but the award is not limited to such organizations.

Certificate of Distinction

The Certificate of Distinction is given for exemplary devotion, of the highest order, to volunteerism on behalf of hospitals and health care, particularly in the service of committees or programs of CHA or CAHHS.

Leadership in Governance

This award recognizes hospital or health system board trustees who demonstrate a commitment to health care policies and issues. As health care organizations become more complex to govern, it is crucial that hospital/health system trustees participate in active decision-making and strategic thinking needed to anticipate the future demands of the health care marketplace. The Leadership in Governance Award recognizes trustees who have met these increasing challenges; shown an outstanding commitment to their communities; given exemplary service as active, informed and dedicated trustees; and provided leadership, strategic planning and support to their hospitals or systems.

Honorary Membership

A person distinguished in the health care field may be nominated as an Honorary member for a specific period of time. (This does not include retiring CEOs who would be nominated for Life Membership.) This award is often given to industry leaders who are retiring or leaving a position in the health care field. Honorary members are exempt from payment of dues during the period of Honorary Membership.