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CHA Education has changed. We have adapted many educational programs into flexible, accessible formats to ensure you stay current on vital issues while staying healthy and safe.

For most of our programming, there’s no need to leave your hospital or home to receive education. You can participate in live conferences and webinars through virtual platforms or view short videos from our on-demand learning library; the choice is yours. Topics are always being updated, so continue to visit the website to see what we’re currently offering. And remember, most programs and all electronic publications are now free to members.

CHA appreciates how hard you work every day to keep the rest of us healthy. We promise to do our part by providing the information you need in ways that work for you. For questions contact

Current Programs

CHA offers numerous seminars and conferences to help members understand ever-changing regulations and their obligations as health care providers.

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Educational Briefs


CHA publishes the most trusted legal resources for health care professionals, and all publications are available free to members through the CHA Publications App or Download Library.

Members are CHA member hospitals. Nonmembers are non-hospital health care providers, clinics, and post-acute facilities that serve hospitals. CHA publications are a membership benefit and are not available to eligible non-member California hospitals.

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CHA Publications App

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