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The Consent Manual is your one-stop resource for all legal requirements related to patient consent for medical treatment, release of medical information, reporting requirements and more. It details exactly what the law requires and what you need to do to comply.

The Consent Manual addresses state and federal health care law through June 2021, and has been updated to discuss:

  • Requirements that children’s medical exemptions for immunizations be done electronically
  • Prescriber access to CURES activity reports and new rules for prescribers
  • Telehealth examinations, and evaluations of involuntarily detained mental health patients
  • Training requirements for mandated reporters and a new mandated reporter classification

This acclaimed manual covers situations involving minors, mental health treatment, end-of-life issues, refusal of treatment, and related health care law.

(48th edition, 2021)


  • Patients’ Rights and Interpreter Services
  • Basic Principles of Consent
  • Who May Consent for Adults Lacking Capacity
  • Who May Consent for Minor Patients
  • Treatments that Require Special Consent
  • Refusal of Treatment and End-of-Life Issues
  • The Medical Record
  • Health Information Privacy Basics
  • Medical Procedures and Interrogations Requested by Law Enforcement
  • Research on Human Subjects
  • Admission and Registration Documents, Arbitration and Liens
  • Discharge Planning, Patient Transfers and Related Issues
  • Maternity and Newborn Issues
  • Deaths, Autopsies and Anatomical Gifts
  • Voluntary Admission and Involuntary Detainment for Mental Health Treatment
  • Mental Health Patients: Rights and Reporting
  • Assault and Abuse Reporting Requirements
  • Reporting Communicable Diseases and Other Patient Conditions
  • Adverse Events and Incident Reports
  • Other Issues


“When there’s not a clear answer, check the Consent Manual. I love it, it covers everything!”
TuRae Fazio, CPHRM, Director, Risk Management Claims & Insurance,
MemorialCare Health System

“We always feel we are standing on solid ground when we consult the Consent Manual — No other resource addresses California-specific issues at this level of detail.”
— Edward Fabi, Registered In-House Counsel, Sutter Health

“I have yet to have a question that the Consent Manual content could not address.”
— Marianne Padden, Director, Risk Management/Regulatory Compliance, Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center – Torrance

“The Consent Manual gives me good depth of information, and having the citations right there saves a lot of legal research time.”
— Kelley Evans, Senior Counsel, Dignity Health

“The Consent Manual is a comprehensive and reliable resource that we can refer to for a quick answer to almost any question about consent in the hospital setting — it’s a must-have for risk managers, legal counsel, and anyone in hospital operations.”
— Karen Weinstein, Senior Counsel, MemorialCare Health System

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