Calls to Action

Urge State Senators to Support Amendments to Modernize 2030 Seismic Standards

Action needed:  Meet with or write to your state senator and ask them to support, if amended, Senate Bill (SB) 1339 (Pan, D-Sacramento) on the Senate floor. SB 1339 identifies some key considerations that could advance and enhance the policy discussion on updating the 2030 hospital seismic requirements. However, California can’t wait for the bill’s […]

Urge Legislature to Reject Misguided Community Benefits Proposal

Action needed:  Write to the Senate Budget Committee and the Assembly Budget Committee and ask them to reject the governor’s budget proposal that would require hospitals to specify, assign, and spend a specified percentage of their community benefits dollars through community-based organizations. CHA has developed a template letter and key messages about the proposal for […]

Urge State Senators to Support CHA-Sponsored Bills That Protect Patient Safety, Bring Transparency to Staffing Agency Practices

Action needed:  Write to the Senate Health Committee, asking members to SUPPORT Senate Bill (SB) 958, related to health plans’ medication policies that negatively impact patient safety, and to Sen. Anna Caballero to SUPPORT SB 1212, related to health care staffing agencies’ billing practices. CHA has developed template letters and key messages about the bills […]

Urge Congress to Support Hospitals and Health Care Workers by Providing COVID-19 Relief

Action needed:  CHA is asking hospital leaders to send a letter to your U.S. representative and senators and urge them to support hospitals and their staff with additional financial relief during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. CHA’s letter to the California congressional delegation may be used as a template for members’ outreach. CHA encourages members to include hospital-specific information in the letter, […]

Urge Representatives to Ask Federal Agencies to Investigate Anticompetitive Conduct of Nurse Staffing Agencies

Action needed:  Call or email your U.S. representative and urge them to sign on to a “Dear Colleague” letter asking the White House to enlist the support of federal agencies to investigate reports of anticompetitive behavior from nurse staffing agencies. These anticompetitive practices have exacerbated significant workforce challenges during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.     Find your representative’s contact information […]

Urge State Senators to Oppose Bill That Threatens Access to Care, Increases Costs

Action needed:  Call and write your state senator and ask them to oppose Senate Bill (SB) 213 (Cortese, D-Silicon Valley), which would create a workers’ compensation presumption for acute care hospital employees, without any evidence of widespread or wrongful denial of benefits for workers injured on the job. Find contact information for your senator on the state Legislature’s site.  Timing: […]

Urge Congress to Extend the Deadline to Spend Provider Relief Fund Payments

Action needed:  Call or email your U.S. representative and senator and urge them to support bipartisan legislation extending the deadline  to spend Provider Relief Fund (PRF) payments. Find your representative’s contact information via this online directory. Find your senator’s contact information via this online directory. Timing: Call or email your representative and senator by October […]