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Hospital Partnerships Ensure Vital Access to Care in Communities Across California

Partnerships between hospitals, health systems, and other providers are essential to increasing access to critically important patient care services in communities across California — especially in areas where specialty doctors and services are scarce. These partnerships are even more important to people who live in underserved communities, where these relationships weave together a safety net they rely upon.

A prime example of these valuable partnerships is in Northridge, where Dignity Health and UCLA have had a long-standing partnership to run the only pediatric trauma unit in the San Fernando Valley, treating 700 patients per year. And, in the Central Valley, the Mercy UC Davis Cancer Center at Dignity Health Mercy Medical Center in Merced provides critical cancer care to over 13,000 patients per year.

Across California, hospitals and health systems partner with each other every day to provide and support a public health infrastructure that offers mental health care, substance use disorder treatment, pediatric care, specialty services like cancer care in rural and underserved communities, telemedicine, and more. Through these collaborations, hospitals also are able to provide educational opportunities that ensure the next generation of physicians are exposed to caring for a variety of patients and health conditions. Eliminating these partnerships will only serve to reduce access to life-saving services. Decision-makers must take action to protect these relationships that save lives.

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Health Care Coverage Expansion Is Vital, But Now Is the Wrong Time to Consider a Public Option


“California’s hospitals support health coverage for all, but today’s calls from Washington D.C. to do so by creating a public option are not the solution, and other pressing health care challenges demand immediate attention and investment as we rebuild from the devastation left by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Carmela Coyle, President & CEO of the California Hospital Association.

“The foremost challenge lawmakers must address is to strengthen a health care system that has been ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic – hospitals across the country are on the brink financially, our health care workforce faces shortages due to burnout and early retirement, and longtime health inequities have been laid bare for all to see,” Coyle said. “Important issues like these must be addressed now.”

“To expand coverage to all, the federal government should instead strengthen the Affordable Care Act, which is a proven path to expand coverage,” Coyle said. “More than 92% of Californians have coverage thanks in great part to the ACA.”

“At this critical juncture, the focus must remain on COVID-19 recovery to ensure health care services are available to everyone in every community,” Coyle said.


Hospitals Applaud Gov. Newsom for Prioritizing Behavioral Health, Coverage Expansion in May Budget Revise

“The health and well-being of all Californians took a big step forward today under Gov. Newsom’s proposed May revision to the state’s budget,” said Carmela Coyle, President & CEO of the California Hospital Association. “The Governor’s plan to invest $4 billion in behavioral health programs for those up to age 25 is a meaningful investment in our children’s future and is the cornerstone of the landmark Blueprint for Behavioral Health, which CHA, NAMI California, and a coalition of more than 50 statewide organizations released earlier this month. Today’s announcement will place California at the forefront of our nation’s effort to address unmet behavioral health challenges.”

“We also are very pleased by the Governor’s proposal to significantly expand Medi-Cal coverage for a number of underserved populations, including coverage for undocumented seniors age 60 and over,” Coyle said. “Only when all of us have the coverage and access to necessary health care services can we truly have a healthy society.”

“California’s hospitals applaud Gov. Newsom for his forward-thinking approach to ensuring the health and well-being of all Californians,” Coyle said.

Report: CA Hospitals Endured Significant Financial Hardship in 2020; Challenges Will Continue Through 2021

A report released in April 2021 details how the COVID-19 pandemic damaged the financial health of California’s more than 400 hospitals in 2020, and forecasts continued fiscal impacts through 2021 and possibly beyond. Even after factoring in federal financial support provided last year through the CARES Act, California hospitals still lost more than $8 billion in 2020. California hospitals are expected to lose an additional $600 million to $2 billion this year, depending on vaccination rates and the path of the virus. Hospital operating margins are expected to decline between 19% and 65% in 2021.

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Ongoing Protests of Emergency Regulations to Ensure Patient Safety Distract from the Mission at Hand: Care for All During the COVID-19 Crisis

“Following a protest Friday at Emanate Health in Covina that accuses hospitals of attempting to undermine California’s nurse-staffing ratio laws, it’s imperative that, for the second time this week, the record be corrected,” said Carmela Coyle, President & CEO of the California Hospital Association. “Again, our state is in the middle of an unprecedented crisis that has claimed the lives of more 22,000 Californians, more than 8,600 of those in Los Angeles County alone.”

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