Media Statement

Office of Health Care Affordability Decision to Limit Spending Fails to Account for Californians’ Future Health Care Needs

“Today’s action by the new Office of Health Care Affordability Board to limit what California spends on health care sets a goal that will have significant consequences for patient care,” said Carmela Coyle, President & CEO of the California Hospital Association. “The target established today does not account for the needs of Californians over the next five years, including caring for a growing population of older and sicker adults, more children and adolescents who need mental health and substance use services, and a need to invest in our health care workforce.” 

“The office is charged by law to do more than limit spending,” Coyle said. “It’s imperative that the board analyze the impact of its decision on patients and create a process to reconsider future targets to protect access to equitable, quality care for every Californian.”