California Hospital Survey Manual

Details the state survey process and helps hospitals prepare for successful surveys

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The California Hospital Survey Manual can help hospitals prepare for the survey process, explains how surveyors conduct their surveys, and offers tips for achieving a successful survey.

The manual covers the different types of surveys and possible outcomes, and:

  • Details the survey process from start to finish
  • Outlines tasks that must be done after the survey
  • Describes the laws surveyors use to assess compliance
  • Discusses surveyor rights and restrictions regarding access to privileged materials
  • Includes sample forms, charts and instruction sheets to calculate penalties 
  • Provides key CDPH contact information

The California Hospital Survey Manual is the only hospital survey manual that is specific to California and explains both state and federal requirements. 

A must-have for licensing and accreditation professionals and compliance officers, recommended for legal counsel and risk managers.

View a detailed organization chart for CDPH.    


  • Introduction and Background
  • State Surveys
  • Federal Surveys
  • Tips for Achieving a Successful Survey
  • After the Survey: Preparing the Plan of Correction
  • Forms and Appendices

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