Emergency Preparedness

About Emergency Preparedness

It’s time to change the way California thinks about disaster response. The COVID-19 pandemic showed that hospitals can quickly mobilize to provide flexible approaches to patient care during a disaster. The state must draw upon these lessons to prepare differently so the next crisis will be less severe. Given California’s size and complexity, the health care disaster response system of the future must be nimble enough to respond to any catastrophe. More information on disaster response can be found on the Cal Hospital Prepare website.

Cyberattack: Preparing for and Reacting to a Breach

“Hospitals with a cybersecurity plan in place prior to an attack have a better chance at minimizing damage.” Mary Massey, CHA Vice President of Emergency Management The Internet represents one of the biggest tools hospitals utilize to function successfully. It is also one of the largest vulnerabilities. Safeguarding devices, networks, and data from cyberattacks is […]

From Hurricanes to Earthquakes, Hospitals Stand Ready

Earlier this week, Hurricane Hilary — by then a tropical storm — struck Southern California, bringing record rainfall and widespread flooding from San Diego to Los Angeles and beyond. California hasn’t seen a tropical storm in 26 years, according to The Weather Channel.