Hospital Operations

About Hospital Operations

California’s hospitals and health systems employ more than half a million people — the front lines of health care in the state. Hospitals have the deepest respect and appreciation for health care workers — the hundreds of thousands of women and men who give of themselves each day to care for others.

Priority 1 for every hospital and health system is the safety of patients and workers, and hospitals endeavor to provide their staff with wages and benefits that are unmatched anywhere else in the nation.

By doing these things, and working with legislators and policymakers, hospitals are able to ensure the needs of the patients and communities they serve will continue to be met.

Senate Bill (SB) 1383: Organic Waste Reduction Requirements

This legislation is the most significant change to recycling and waste disposal since the 1980s and impacts everyone from all levels of government, schools, colleges, and universities to businesses such as hospitals, and individual residents — essentially anyone who generates organic waste. The following FAQs describe the requirements that businesses — including hospitals — must […]

HCAI Releases Guidance on NPC-5 Requirements

The Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) has released an Advisory Guide that addresses frequently asked questions about the Nonstructural Performance Category-5 (NPC-5) water rationing plan requirement.  

State Budget Takes a Wide Variety of Health Care-Related Actions 

In June 2022, the Legislature and governor approved a $308 billion budget for the state fiscal year spanning from July 2022 through June 2023. In late August, the Legislature passed and the governor is expected to approve revisions to the 2022-23 Budget Act, which generally redirect, build upon, or provide statutory parameters around actions previously […]