About Quality

The mission of California hospitals is to deliver safe, quality care that is accessible to all. Hospitals participate in many activities to improve the quality and safety of the care they provide. California hospitals have a trusted partner in the Hospital Quality Institute, which helps them reduce errors, and maximize patient safety. One of the ways in which HQI does this is by being a source of performance data and analytics. The data help focus improvement opportunities and scale best practices.

CHA Provides Updated Federal Quality Measures Matrix

What’s happening: CHA has updated its federal quality measures matrix to reflect the 2024 federal fiscal year and calendar year Medicare prospective payment system final rules.   

What else to know: The matrix includes quality measures required for public reporting and performance-based programs for hospitals and post-acute care providers. 

2024 Emergency Services Forum

Join us for the 2024 Emergency Services Forum in beautiful Newport Beach. This conference is dedicated to the uniqueness of hospital ED management and its intersection with emergency services and the community.

Summary: Details of Final Outpatient Payment Rule

What’s Happening: A comprehensive summary of the finalized payment updates and policy changes to the Medicare outpatient prospective payment system for calendar year 2024 is available.  

What Else to Know: The provisions are generally effective Jan. 1, 2024.  

Physicians Will See Medicare Payment Cuts Next Year

What’s happening: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) 2024 physician fee schedule final rule reduces Medicare payments to physicians by 1.23% compared to the prior year.  

What else to know: The final 2024 physician fee schedule conversion factor is $32.74, a decrease of $1.15, or 3.4%, from 2023.   

CMS Finalizes Inadequate Outpatient Payment Update

What’s happening: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has finalized the calendar year (CY) 2024 outpatient prospective payment system rule.  

What else to know: It includes a net market basket update of 3.1%, which is a slight increase over the proposed 2.8%.