About Affordability

Health care is a basic human need, one that Californians rely on to live, grow, and prosper. Unfortunately, the cost of care has become too high for many working families. For years, California’s hospitals have made headway toward controlling costs. To ensure care for every Californian, the entire health care field must tighten its belt — insurance companies, physicians, labor unions, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and more. California’s hospitals stand ready to tackle this challenge through engagement with the Office of Health Care Affordability

Revised OHCA Regulations on Cost and Market Impact Review Process Are a Step in the Right Direction

Earlier this week, the Office of Health Care Affordability released a revised draft regulation on the cost and market impact review process. The revised draft regulations include several notable improvements compared to the prior version, most notably exempting from review transactions in the usual and regular course of business and establishing an expedited review process for transactions that include a financially distressed health care entity.