CEO Message

2024 Advocacy Priorities Reinforce Steps to Stabilize Hospital Field

Earlier this week, CHA’s Board of Trustees formally approved four priority advocacy issues for activity and engagement with policymakers this year:

Each of these priorities carries with it a comprehensive advocacy strategy, based on the unique circumstances of the individual issue. All of them have two things in common, however.

First, the need for your organization’s leaders to elevate your voices in the debate (stay tuned throughout the year on how you can help advocate for a stronger, more predictable environment for hospitals to meet their mission of care). Second, the need to speak with a unified voice — the power of 400 hospitals, serving 40 million Californians, in every ZIP code in the state, is a potent force.

To support this work, and your engagement on these issues, CHA every year produces materials and messages to help (these are updated on an ongoing basis as the issues evolve):

The board’s approval of these priorities does not mean CHA will not be working on dozens of other issues this year, from maternal health care to workplace violence to community benefit, and at the federal level, disproportionate share hospital cuts and site-neutral payment policies. And so much more.

We will keep you posted on developments on all of these via CHA News every Thursday (if you aren’t signed up, you can do so here) and directly with your CEOs and government relations executives during a weekly call most Tuesday mornings.

We’re grateful for your trust and partnership in working to help all California hospitals continue to serve their communities, patients, and workers.