About Affordability

Our nation’s health care system is financially inaccessible for too many people — especially in California where the cost of living is second-highest in the country. Hospitals, a pillar of the system and often the largest employer in their communities, understand the challenges and have been working for years to slow the rate of growth in health care spending. But making a real difference for Californians will take an equal effort from others: insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, government agencies, labor unions, and more. California’s hospitals stand ready to do our part and are eager to work with other stakeholders to tackle this challenge.

CHA Issues Alert: Urge Assemblymembers to Oppose Two Bills That Would Threaten Access to Care for Millions

On Wednesday, CHA issued an Alert, asking hospitals to write to the chair of the Assembly Health Committee and urge members to oppose, unless amended, Assembly Bill (AB) 1130, related to the Office of Health Care Affordability; and oppose AB 1132, related to health care integration.   CHA has developed template letters about AB 1130 and AB 1132 for members’ use. Hospitals are asked to send […]