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CHA Continues Work to Hold Insurers Accountable

What’s happening: CHA continues to await a response to the lawsuit filed against Anthem Blue Cross on April 23.    

What else to know: In the interim, CHA continues to collect information to support its position that many managed care plans, including Anthem Blue Cross, are violating certain provisions of the Knox-Keene Act.   

CHA also actively encourages all members to contribute data to the Vitality Index Payer Scorecard. Widespread implementation will provide critical support to CHA’s efforts to hold insurers accountable for timely and accurate reimbursement. The tool automatically draws de-identified claims and remittance information from your organization without requiring additional reporting.   

CHA members can submit their data at no charge. Organizations that would like to access their own data and compare it to statewide aggregate data may subscribe for a fee of $250 per month. For more information, refer to the Vitality Index Payer Scorecard web page or contact Pat Blaisdell, vice president, policy, at