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California Hospitals Public Assistance Expedited Project

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is tasked with providing emergency assistance to hospitals. The FEMA application process is complex, and the review process takes time. However, a hospital can request an expedited payment while it waits for its application to be processed. In partnership with Region 9 FEMA and CalOES, CHA is hosting a […]

Hospital Finance Week: Latest on Medicare Cost Report Changes

This session will provide detailed analysis of the latest Medicare Cost Report Changes from the most popular speakers on the subject. Key topics include: Review changes to key Medicare cost report forms and supporting exhibits Identify new data capture requirements necessary to complete the cost report Discuss areas where the new instructions are unclear

Hospital Finance Week: Spotlight: California’s New Office of Health Care Affordability

This session will review the Office of Health Care Affordability (OHCA) authorizing statute and the specific requirements of the Office, including: Increasing transparency on cost and quality  Developing cost targets for the health care field  Enforcing compliance through financial penalties  Monitoring market transactions that may adversely affect market competition, prices, quality, access, and the total […]

Hospital Finance Week: Latest in Reimbursement Litigation

An expert panel will explain the key factors in recent court cases, discuss their potential implications, and present steps hospitals may consider given the current legal landscape. Decisions Impacting Provider Reimbursement: Important cases from Medicare, Medicaid & Commercial Payers Status of Major Group Appeal Issues Audit issues This session will address the difference-makers in reimbursement […]

Hospital Finance Week: Medicare Payment Rules Update

Join us as we discuss the biggest changes to the most important rules that govern Medicare payments and see where the greatest impacts could lie. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has recent actions final and proposed; this webinar will focus on: Review of the proposed 2023 OPPS (outpatient prospective payment system) Review […]

Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive Local: Connecting Patients to Critical Community Resources — Participant Information

When patients leave the hospital, there’s usually some healing ahead. More often than not, special services or assistance are needed to help recovery — crucial resources that may be lacking for vulnerable populations.   Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive Local was developed to address these needs. Thrive Local features a community referral network that integrates health systems, […]