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April 1 PPE Stockpile Deadline Is Here

Today marks the day that hospitals are required to have a personal protective equipment (PPE) stockpile per Labor Code 6403.3. The law is clear that the stockpile must consist of seven identified items of PPE in amounts equal to three months of normal consumption. Among other questions, the definition of normal consumption remains unresolved. While CHA continues to advocate that “normal consumption” is defined in reference to 2019 data, Cal/OSHA has not committed to that approach.

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AHA Poster Series Designed to Combat Behavioral Health Stigma

The American Hospital Association (AHA) has launched a People Matter, Words Matter downloadable poster series to help combat behavioral health stigma in health care settings. The poster series is designed to encourage providers to adopt respectful, patient-centered language.  

The first poster encourages the use of people-first language, which primarily acknowledges the person rather than the illness or disability. The AHA, along with behavioral health and language experts from member hospitals and partner organizations, will continue this poster series in the coming months. 

CDPH Team Monitoring Vaccine Misinformation

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has established a trust and safety team to help ensure the public has accurate and timely information about COVID-19 vaccination. 

The department asks that anyone who sees or hears of any vaccine-related rumors across social media or in their communities share them with the trust and safety team at [email protected] for awareness and possible action. 

Medicare Sequester Relief Passes

Today, the U.S. Senate passed H.R. 1868 as amended, which will continue to delay the implementation of the 2% Medicare sequester until the end of the 2021 calendar year. The House passed the bill last week.  

Without action by the House and Senate, the Medicare sequester was set to resume on April 1. The House version included additional protections from cuts to Medicare beginning in 2022; the Senate version did not so the House will have to take up the Senate version. It’s expected to pass, and the President is expected to sign the measure. CHA supported H.R. 1868 and thanks all member hospitals that advocated on behalf of the bill. 

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CHA Issues Alert: Urge Assemblymembers to Oppose Two Bills That Would Threaten Access to Care for Millions

On Wednesday, CHA issued an Alert, asking hospitals to write to the chair of the Assembly Health Committee and urge members to oppose, unless amended, Assembly Bill (AB) 1130, related to the Office of Health Care Affordability; and oppose AB 1132, related to health care integration.  

CHA has developed template letters about AB 1130 and AB 1132 for members’ use. Hospitals are asked to send their letters to the committee by March 29, and send copies to Dawn Vicari at [email protected]

FEMA Releases Updated Policy for Public Assistance Related to COVID-19

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released an updated version of its “Coronavirus Pandemic Medical Care Eligible for Public Assistance” policy.  

The updated version includes a new section on allowable costs associated with COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration. It also updates the conditions of receiving funding to ensure that recipients focus the use of FEMA funding on underserved populations and high-risk communities. Finally, the policy provides details on changes to the federal cost share percentage.  

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