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Make Plans to Attend Cybersecurity Webinar Before Disaster Planning Conference 

On Sept. 21, CHA will host a webinar about how to prepare for and respond to a cybersecurity breach. This is a precursor to the 2023 Disaster Planning Conference, which features cybersecurity as a complete breakout session track.   

Webinar attendees will hear about:  

  • The impacts of real-world cyber incidents on patient safety and care delivery  
  • Challenges faced during a cyber-attack and how to respond  
  • Available resources to help prepare for a cyber-response and how to leverage  

Then, on Oct. 3-4, CHA will host the 2023 Disaster Planning Conference, which is designed for new disaster response professionals and anyone looking for a few refresher courses. 

Conference topics range from a panel discussion on medical health resource requests to virtual reality for emergency management training and emergency department flow during a mass casualty event.