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GE Healthcare Provides Update on Shortage of Contrast Media

For CMOs, CNOs, and pharmacy, radiology, laboratory staff

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

On May 18, leaders from GE Healthcare joined an American Hospital Association webinar designed to provide members with an update on the contrast dye shortage.  

During the webinar, Greg Eppink, GE Healthcare general manager for contrast media in the U.S., shared that production capacity is improving and that more of its Omnipaque product should reach the U.S. by next week, and be distributed to hospitals and other users within seven to 10 days.  

He shared that the company is currently primarily producing two product variations and that hospitals should order using only these SKUs until GE provides notice that additional forms of the product are available again. The two Omnipaque SKUs are: 

  • Y542 00407-1414-91; 350 mg/ml, 100 ml 10 pack 
    Y548B 00407-1414-98; 350 mg/ml, 500 ml 10 pack 

Eppink also indicated GE has been able to respond to all emergency requests for product, is making every effort to cater to urgent patient needs, and feels confident this will not change.  Once back to full production, GE will establish a “reserve” stock in the event of future shutdowns. 

While hospitals should soon see improvement in their supply, Eppink said GE is keeping its customers informed so they can plan accordingly. He also indicated that, as supply improves, more product will reach all authorized wholesalers that provide the GE product, so hospitals should now return to ordering via these wholesalers.  

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