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CHA Issues Alert Urging Legislators to Oppose Bills That Threaten Access to Care and Increase Costs

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On Monday, CHA issued an Alert asking hospitals to write and call their assembly member to oppose Assembly Bill (AB) 650 (Muratsuchi, D-Torrance) and to write and call their state senator, asking them to oppose Senate Bill (SB) 213 (Cortese, D-San Jose).  

CHA has developed a template letter and key messages for AB 650, which would mandate unfair and inequitable extra pay for only some health care workers while excluding millions of other essential and health care workers. A template letter and key messages are also available for SB 213, which would create a rebuttable presumption in the workers’ compensation system that an infectious disease, musculoskeletal injury, or respiratory disease arose out of work for any hospital direct patient care worker.  

Call your senator and assembly member, and send your letters to both, by noon (PT) on May 21. Please send a copy of your letter to Dawn Vicari at