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A Call to Commitment on Longstanding Health Equity Challenges

Dr. Elaine Batchlor’s empathetic piece in The Atlantic last month lays bare — in a very personal way — how the pandemic has exacerbated health inequities that have developed over decades. Her piece also shines light on deeper biases — conscious and unconscious — that all who work in health care must be committed to overcome.

Interim Surprise Billing Rule Hurts Patients

As California’s hospitals continue to slog through the peaks and valleys of the COVID-19 pandemic, all while enduring incessant and devastating blows to the resources they rely on for patient care, an additional burden from the federal government is beginning to materialize. 

Work Begins Now on Long-Term Workforce Challenges

“The healthcare workforce is burned-out following a nearly two-year face-off against COVID-19. This impact will be felt by all of us, regardless of where we live or our field of work.” — John Derse, healthcare industry vertical leader at Mercer, a N.Y.-based asset management firm None of you needs a national report to understand the depths of the […]

As Session Closes, Two Big Issues Delayed

In these final few days of the 2021 legislative session, with all political eyes on the Sept. 14 recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom, there is mixed news on two issues of great importance to hospitals. Both CHA’s proposed 2030 seismic mandate reform and the governor’s Office of Health Care Affordability will not be advancing […]

A New Chapter for CHA’s Board Chair

Late last week, Adventist Health CEO and current CHA Board Chair Scott Reiner shared in a blog post on LinkedIn that he would be leaving his position at the end of the year to establish a family foundation focused on global health and well-being.

Tools Available to Fight Vaccination Disparities

As the race between variants and vaccinations presses on in California, recent data reveal another troubling aspect of the pandemic: the fact that vaccination rates are disproportionately affecting disadvantaged communities, including many communities of color.

  • Carmela Coyle
    President & CEO, California Hospital Association, Sacramento