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Abundance of Revenue May Trigger State Spending Limits

Even though the state will bring in billions of dollars in surplus revenue this year, its ability to spend those additional dollars may be more limited than it has been for many years. This unique challenge facing the Legislature and administration as they craft the 2022-23 state budget is being driven by a voter-approved requirement […]

Care for All Means Care for ALL

Our state is home to nearly 11 million immigrants, more than any other in the nation, and immigrants account for 28% of California’s population. Policies that sow fear or confusion among our immigrant communities are antithetical and detrimental to the mission of hospitals: Caring for the sick and healing the injured, regardless of a patient’s […]

The Middle Innings of the Legislative Cycle

If California’s legislative session — which runs from January through the end of September — can be looked at as a nine-inning baseball game, we’re just weeks away from the middle three innings. That means legislative priorities are coming into sharper focus and strategy is beginning to turn to tactics. 

After Two Years, What Has COVID-19 Meant?

“This is not just a public health crisis; it is a crisis that will touch every sector, so every sector and every individual must be involved in the fight.”   – World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, March 11, 2020

Same State, Different Worlds

There are two Californias when it comes to health care.  In one, patients and communities are well-served by their health care system. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other providers are easily accessible, offer a wide variety of services at multiple locations, and deliver care using the latest technology.  In the other, care sites are harder to […]

C. Duane Dauner: Health Care Hall of Famer

In the heart of Philadelphia, just across the Delaware River from New Jersey, sits the nation’s oldest hospital, built more than two decades before the American Revolution. Pennsylvania Hospital holds many of health care’s artistic treasures: the famous painting “Christ Healing the Sick in the Temple,” and portraits of pioneers like Dr. Benjamin Rush, surgeon […]

A Path Forward on Ambulance Patient Offload Times

While the number of COVID-19 cases in California is beginning to taper on the heels of the largest surge since the pandemic began, hospitals continue to see high numbers of patients needing care — not unexpected since hospitalizations typically lag cases by about two weeks, and the backlog of patients needing other types of care […]

  • Carmela Coyle
    President & CEO, California Hospital Association, Sacramento