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Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive Local: Connecting Patients to Critical Community Resources — Participant Information

Program originally recorded July 12, 2022.

When patients leave the hospital, there’s usually some healing ahead. More often than not, special services or assistance are needed to help recovery — crucial resources that may be lacking for vulnerable populations.  

Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive Local was developed to address these needs. Thrive Local features a community referral network that integrates health systems, government agencies, and community partners to connect members to all sorts of services, including food, medical equipment, and transportation. With Thrive Local, hospital staff can easily link patients to services that meet their non-medical needs and track what happens next.

Learn how Thrive Local improves lives and strengthens communities. See if you can make it work for your community. 

Advancing Health Equity for California
This program is part of CHA’s Health Equity Leadership Series, which will provide members with information, tools, and practices to reduce inequities in care and improve the lives of the patients they serve.

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