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CAHHS Volunteer Services Department Vision and Mission


Volunteer Services is an organization that can lessen the economic burden on the system, one that becomes part of a whole team whose sole purpose is to heal and comfort.


Volunteers assigned to each hospital department.
Volunteers creating a measurable impact in keeping California’s hospitals open.
Uniformity of programs and services in California’s hospital volunteer programs.
Volunteers creating a measurable impact in health care advocacy campaigns.


Member Hospitals and Systems

If you work for a CHA member hospital or health system, you are a member and eligible for member benefits.

Not a member? CHA offers a program for non-hospital companies that support CHA.


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1215 K Street, Suite 800
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About the California Hospital Association

The California Hospital Association (CHA) advocates for California’s hospitals and health systems to support their work to care for all Californians in all ways. A not-for-profit corporation, CHA is connected to three regional associations: the Hospital Council Northern and Central California, Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) and Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties (HASD&IC). Under a consolidated membership and dues structure, hospitals and health systems are members of both their regional association and CHA.

In 2013, CHA, Hospital Council, HASC and HASD&IC founded the Hospital Quality Institute to improve patient safety and quality care for all Californians and to advance California as a national leader in quality performance.

CHA is one of the largest hospital trade associations in the nation, serving more than 400 hospitals and health systems and 97 percent of the patient beds in California.

Advocacy & Public Policy Reports

Throughout the year, CHA issues reports providing critical information to support representation and advocacy efforts on issues important to health care leaders throughout California. In addition, CHA publishes annual reports that provide a road map for the association’s advocacy and public policy efforts.


CHA publishes many guidebooks and legal manuals to help member hospitals understand and comply with health care law. Manuals are available in print or electronically, as PDFs for desktops and in the CHA Manuals App for mobile access.  CHA members may download manuals here, free.


Each member in CHA strengthens our ability to advance the interests of all member hospitals and health systems in California. This collaborative relationship allows CHA to offer effective leadership in representation and advocacy, policy analysis, issue-specific expertise and much more. At CHA, we collaborate with our more than 400 member hospitals and health systems to provide strong and effective representation to advance the interests of California hospitals, patients and communities. For every $1 of dues paid each year, CHA returns hundreds of dollars of value to hospitals and health systems statewide.

Consolidated State & Regional Membership

CHA, operating in conjunction with its three corporate members, the Regional Associations, maintains a consolidated membership and dues structure. Hospital members of the three Regional Associations are also members of CHA:

Hospital Council Northern and Central California
Hospital Association of Southern California
Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties

CHA also offers associate membership to non-hospital companies that support the vision, mission and activities of the California Hospital Association and the hospitals and health systems that belong to CHA.

This website has been designed with members in mind, and its many features will help member hospitals and health systems stay informed on current health-related policy news, provide resources on the benefits of CHA membership, and connect you with CHA staff. Though some information is public, much more is available to those with a member account. If you work for a member hospital or system, you may register for an account using your work email address. For additional membership questions, please contact CHA.


The California Hospital Association provides member hospitals and health systems with representation and advocacy in the legislative and regulatory arenas. CHA advocates to maintain and improve access to high-quality, cost-effective, safe hospital and hospital-related services.

Whether policy is being shaped at the state or federal level, the power and impact of our collective voices strengthen CHA’s effectiveness. CHA’s dynamic team works collaboratively to maintain a unified statewide network for legislative action, educating and advocating on behalf of hospitals.

Quality & Patient Safety

CHA is committed to helping hospitals improve quality, reduce medical errors and adverse events, and maximize patient safety. To further those efforts, CHA and the Regional Associations established the Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) in 2013 to realize statewide impact of improving patient safety and quality care for all Californians, to accelerate the rate of improvement and to advance California as a national leader in quality performance. HQI’s broad scope of work includes reducing patient harm, reducing health care-associated infections, reducing hospital readmissions, improving patient experience and improving maternal/child outcomes. Hospitals and health systems that belong to HQI — a voluntary organization — use it as an excellent source of performance data and analytics to focus improvement opportunities and take best practices to scale. In addition, CHPSO, the nation’s largest and longest operating patient safety organization, is a division of HQI.

CHA also regularly tracks and reports on important developments in the public reporting of hospital quality data, including OSHPD and Hospital Compare website data, and keeps members informed of regulations related to pay for quality reporting and performance.