Registration Open for COVID-19: Mid-Response After Action Reporting Webinar

Writing an After Action Report (AAR) and Improvement Plan from a real event can be challenging enough. Writing one for an ever-changing event that has no end in sight can seem impossible. CHA’s COVID 19: Mid-Response After Action Reporting Webinar will discuss how the midterm AAR can use lessons learned — not only in meeting regulatory, accreditation, and grant requirements — but  to identify ways to better respond and what to share with partners that can also help the community response. 

Health Alert Issued on Severe Pulmonary Disease Associated With Cannabis Vaping

The California Health Alert Network (CAHAN) reports that, since June, seven cases of severe acute pulmonary disease requiring hospitalization and respiratory support among adults who have been vaping cannabis or cannabidiol oils have been reported to the Kings County Health Officer. Clinicians who encounter similar cases should report them to their local health department.

Health Care Providers Reminded to Be Vigilant in Identifying, Isolating Measles Cases

With 21 measles cases reported in California this year,  the California Department of Public Health has offered detailed recommendations — through All Facilities Letter 19-17 — for identifying and addressing the disease. The cases reported so far have resulted in hundreds of investigations of possible contact as well as transmission of the disease in emergency departments and other health care settings.