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Hospital Leaders Share Insight From Disaster Experiences

For disaster preparedness staff

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

At last month’s Disaster Planning for California Hospitals conference in Pasadena, a panel of hospital executives whose hospitals had been affected by recent fires and mudslides shared their experiences, reinforced the importance of preparedness, and offered first-hand insight. The video below captures some of their struggles and discoveries both during and after major natural disasters.

The video is also included in a consumer-focused disaster readiness article on Our Health California, CHA’s digital community of more than 1 million supporters. The article “Prep Like a Hospital” was published during National Preparedness Month (September), and features clips from the video as well as preparation tips that hospitals well know: securing the surroundings, having a plan, and staying informed.

Our Health California offers a forum for telling compelling stories about the contributions hospitals make to individuals and their communities and urges supporters to take action on behalf of policies hospitals support — including federal advocacy and statewide legislation and ballot initiatives.