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CHA Launches Social Media Campaign to Help Frame Affordability Debate

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This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

Yesterday, CHA launched a new month-long social media campaign — directed at lawmakers in California — related to the ongoing issue of health care affordability. The launch included a special video message from Carmela Coyle, CHA President & CEO, which highlights the many factors that contribute to rising health care costs.

The campaign aims to build hospital field credibility and position CHA as a serious and honest policy development partner with state and federal legislators. Through the campaign, CHA plans to educate policymakers about realistic opportunities to control costs, as well as key factors related to cost growth and cost control.

Over the next four weeks, the campaign will drive key messages about CHA’s positions, offer compelling infographics and information, link to academic studies, share stories of how members are already working to keep costs in check and expand access, and offer high-level video statements on how we can work with state and federal partners on the shared goal of affordable care.

CHA encourages members to follow @calhospitals on Twitter over the next month for the latest information.