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California Hospital Association, SEIU California Applaud Legislature for Passing SB 525

Historic $25/hour Health Care Worker Minimum Wage Law To Address Health Care Worker Shortage Heads to Governor’s Desk to Be Signed Into Law

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Mike Roth:
Jan Emerson-Shea:

SACRAMENTO, CA – In response to the California Legislature’s passage of SB 525 (Durazo), the California Hospital Association and SEIU California released the following statements:

Carmela Coyle, President & CEO of the California Hospital Association:

“SB 525 now strikes an important balance between supporting workers and protecting jobs and access to care in some of our most vulnerable communities. The bill creates a pathway to improving wages for our lower-wage health care workers, while also recognizing the needs of our state’s most troubled hospitals. And, by preempting local ballot measures on minimum wage and compensation, all health care workers will be paid equitably regardless of where they work. SB 525 demonstrates hospitals’ commitment to health care workers, patients, and communities. We thank Speaker Rivas and the Legislature for their leadership on this critically important issue, and we urge Gov. Newsom to sign SB 525 without delay.”

Tia Orr, Executive Director of SEIU California:

“Health care in California will be more accessible and equitable because workers and health care providers stood together and stood up for patient care. Leading California through the pandemic and saving countless lives, health care workers are now focused on stabilizing and rebuilding our health care workforce. Their courage and commitment has resulted in a landmark agreement with industry leaders to transform health care by investing in a strong, diverse workforce. By and large, Black and Brown workers have held the lowest-paid and most overlooked jobs in health care, so SEIU workers are particularly proud of this landmark investment in equity. We thank Speaker Robert Rivas for bringing together management and workers across multiple sectors to create a path for $25/hour for nearly half a million health care workers. We urge Governor Newsom to sign SB 525 and put the nation’s first statewide health care minimum wage in the record books.”