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CHA Urges Hospitals to Contact Lawmakers as Seismic Bill Heads to Assembly Health Committee

What’s happening: CHA issued an alert encouraging members to send letters to their state Assembly members in support of Senate Bill 1432, which offers important modifications to the 2030 seismic standards related to timing and financial support.  

What else to know: The deadline to submit letters is June 17. The CHA-sponsored legislation passed out of the state Senate in May on a near unanimous vote. It is scheduled to be heard in the Assembly Health Committee on June 25.  

CHA Issues Alert as Key Seismic Legislation Moves Forward 

What’s happening: Earlier this week, CHA issued an alert encouraging members to contact their state senators to support Senate Bill (SB) 1432, which would extend the 2030 seismic compliance deadline. 

What else to know: SB 1432 passed the Senate Health Committee 11-0 last month. It will next be considered in the Senate Appropriations Committee on May 16; the committee chair is the bill’s lead author. The amended bill includes the following: 

Hearing Set for CHA-Sponsored Seismic Relief Bill

What’s happening: CHA’s sponsored legislation that would provide relief from California’s 2030 seismic construction mandates passed the Senate Health Committee last week on an 11-0 vote. Senate Bill (SB) 1432 is now set for a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on May 6.  

What else to know: The chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee is the primary author of the bill, Sen. Anna Caballero (D-Merced).  

CHA Issues Member Alerts on Critical Access Hospital, Seismic Legislation

What’s happening: CHA urges members to show support for Senate Bill (SB) 1423, which would provide financial relief to critical access hospitals, and SB 1432, which would modify 2030 seismic standards to address hospital compliance challenges.  

What else to know: Information below details action to take, timing, and resources for hospitals that want to show their support for this critical legislation.