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New CHA Advocacy Materials on Key Issues Available

What’s happening: New and updated advocacy materials are available for your use.  

What else to know: Each packet contains an infographic, key messages, and an issue brief.  

2024 Advocacy Materials: 

  1. CHA has been active on social media supporting Prop. 1, which could deliver a sweeping modernization of the state’s mental health system. It refocuses billions of dollars in existing funds to prioritize Californians with the deepest mental health needs, living in encampments, or suffering the worst substance use disorders.  
  1. An op-ed published Feb. 8 in Capitol Weekly called attention to the way insurers are using their market power to squeeze patient care, with a current issue playing out in Orange County. More earned and digital media activities are planned. 
  1. In late February, CHA sent a request for all hospitals to commit to a community engagement effort to support the seismic mandate reform legislation. To date, about 150 hospitals have pledged to participate.