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White Bagging — Medication Distribution Payer Changes

Originally recorded June 23, 2021

How familiar are you with “white bagging?” Maybe you’ve heard of it but aren’t sure what it is or how it affects your facility. Here’s a quick explanation: white bagging means payers reimburse third-party pharmacies, which then distribute the medications to outpatient medical providers, removing your ability to make changes to a patients’ medication.

This method opposes the more traditional “buy and bill” where providers — you — buy and store certain drugs and bill the payers following administration to the patient, allowing more control over patient care.

How will white bagging affect you? This billing method has the potential to upset the current system, potentially sacrificing patient safety and health care quality to benefit profit margins. Additionally, white bagging sidelines many “guardrails” in the medication administration and handling process.

This webinar will address:

  • White Bagging Overview
  • CHA Activity — Managed Care and Clinical Quality Practice Perspective
  • Spotlight and Insights from Massachusetts 
  • Contract Litigation
  • Q&A and Attendee Feedback

You don’t want to miss this program. You need to hear how these changes may impact your facility and we need your input as we continue to support your interest in patient care.


COO, CFO, CMO, CNO, In-house Counsel, GR, Quality and Patient Safety, Pharmacists

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