The Future of Health Care

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California — and all of America for that matter — is at a crossroads when it comes to health care. Between dramatic change spurred by technological advancements and a clear need to preserve access to quality care, our health care system is primed for new ways of thinking.

Fortunately, there are many good ideas about how to answer the key questions that matter to people and their families:

  • Who will pay for health care, and how will it be paid for?
  • Can we make care better without breaking the bank?
  • Is technology the answer?                                                                     
  • From where will tomorrow’s doctors, nurses and health professionals come?

Government, of course, will have an important role to play in answering these questions. The decisions lawmakers make today will shape California’s health care landscape for generations.

With lives in the balance, soundbites aren’t solutions. Health policy is complex and continuously evolving. California’s political leaders need detailed information from credible sources, so they can make informed decisions.

This is why the California Hospital Association has launched the Future of Health Care Conversation Series. Elected leaders and their staff, stakeholders, and influencers will benefit from in-depth analyses from experts with differing opinions. Diverse perspectives from inside and outside of health care can inspire and inform efforts to develop consensus-based policies that ensure people get the best possible care regardless of where they live, their ethnicity, their economic standing, or their immigration status.

We’re bringing America’s best minds together… to go deeper, disagree, and drive smart policy.

The Future of Health Care Conversation Series convenes the foremost experts and innovators to explore strategies and solutions to our health care challenges. In sharing this information, we aim to equip policymakers with the understanding and perspective needed to address the substantive challenges facing health care in California.

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The series will provide a platform to air ideas and solutions about how to address California’s most pressing health care issues.