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Task Force Releases Checklist to Assist in Responding to Cyberattacks

For hospital leadership, information technology staff

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

As geopolitical tensions from the Ukraine-Russia conflict have increased, the threat of health care cyberattacks has increased.  

The Incident Response/Business Continuity Task Group, a coalition of private-sector critical health care infrastructure entities organized under the National Infrastructure Protection Plan,is looking at increasing health care cybersecurity. CHA is an organizational member of the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council’s (HSCC’s) Cybersecurity Working Group. It has partnered with and advised the federal government to develop strategies to address emerging and ongoing health sector cybersecurity challenges.  

The HSCC’s Cybersecurity Working Group has released an Operational Continuity-Cyber Incident checklist to provide a template for operational staff and executive management to respond to and recover from an extended enterprise outage due to a cyberattack. 

The tactical checklist is a living document, organized into role-based modules to align with the Hospital Incident Command System. Recommended actions for each role are included for easy reference during review or execution and can be found online.