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Summer Federal Advocacy Plan Webinar – Participant Information

Program originally recorded July 12, 2024.

We invite you to attend an important webinar on CHA’s Summer Federal Advocacy Plan. We are encouraging hospitals to schedule tours with their congressional representatives during the August congressional break when representatives will be back in their districts. This webinar will help you plan accordingly for your hospital tour.

On July 10, you will receive a CHA Alert providing you with resources to prepare for your meetings. This webinar will review those resources and discuss:

  • The importance of these legislative hospital tours and how they can impact federal advocacy efforts
  • Resources and a comprehensive toolkit that members will receive to prepare for legislative visits
  • Key topics and strategies to discuss with congressional representatives to ensure productive and impactful tours

This is a unique opportunity to engage with and influence federal policies that affect our hospitals and the health care system at large. Your participation and insights would be highly valuable.

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