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State Offers Oxygen-Related Provider Hotline Resource

For CEOs, facilities, emergency preparedness & case managers, discharge planners

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

To enhance the transparency of all oxygen-related equipment and supplies offered throughout the state, the California Health and Human Services Agency, in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, is offering a provider hotline for health care facilities and Medical and Health Operational Area Coordinators (MHOACs).  

The hotline can answer questions and connect respective health care facilities and/or MHOACs with local vendors and/or subject matter experts to provide oxygen-related support (e.g., Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development technical assistance/permitting support, general oxygen support inquires, and direct connections to vendors to expedite resolution of infrastructure and home oxygen challenges).  

The provider hotline, which is designed specifically for health care providers and not the general public, can be reached at (833) 502-1245; listen for the appropriate prompt. A general list of topics/services supported includes: 

  • Health provider medical oxygen information Vaccine provider enrollment information 

  • Vaccine provider order information 

  • Vaccine provider data reporting information 

  • Vaccine provider technical support for vaccine ordering system 

The intent of the provider hotline is not to change any locally and/or regionally established procedure for requesting resources and/or reporting emerging needs, but to add an additional resource that health care facilities and/or the MHOAC can use to quickly locate available resources within their operational area or region.