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Redistricting Brings Changes to Legislature

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This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

California’s redistricting is complete, and final maps were sent to the secretary of state on Dec. 27. 

Now comes the “musical chairs” within the state Legislature, as several legislators have already announced they will not seek re-election, while others announced runs for Congress. In addition, the redistricting has resulted in several situations where multiple incumbents now reside within the same district, or where incumbents no longer reside in their old district. Finally, several legislators are termed out in 2022, creating even more vacancies.   

Although many individual incumbents are affected, the new lines will not significantly change the state Legislature’s political makeup, with Democrats expected to retain 2/3 control of both the Senate and the Assembly. However, CHA is closely watching developments in a few districts, including: 

  • Senate District 6 in Sacramento (currently Richard Pan): Angelique Ashby vs. Dave Jones 
  • A restructuring of Senate seats in the north central coast, Salinas Valley, and Central Valley will affect Sens. Laird, Caballero, Hurtado, Grove, and Borgeas 
  • Changes in Orange County that mix up the lines of Sens. Newman, Min, and Umberg, and Assembly Members Nguyen and Petrie-Norris 
  • Los Angeles Assembly Members Luz Rivas, Laura Friedman, and Adrin Nazarian all overlap 
  • Inland Empire Assembly Members Eloise Gomez Reyes and Sabrina Cervantes now overlap 

Announcements will continue over the coming weeks as candidates meet deadlines to declare their intention to run. CHA will continue to monitor these announcements and keep members updated on important developments.