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Real-Time Exchange of Electronic Health Records is Underway

What’s happening: Health care and social services organizations in California are required to share electronic health records as of Jan. 31 under the new Data Exchange Framework (DxF).   

What else to know: Assembly Bill 133 (Statutes of 2021) outlined the requirement for health care providers, plans, and other entities to exchange health information for treatment, payment, or health care operations.   

As of Jan. 31, all general acute care hospitals in California must exchange health information or provide access to health information to DxF participants, including health plans, skilled-nursing facilities, and others.  

Rehabilitation hospitals, long-term acute care hospitals, acute psychiatric hospitals, critical access hospitals, and rural general acute care hospitals with fewer than 100 acute care beds have until Jan. 31, 2026, to comply with the DxF. 

Hospitals that have signed the data sharing agreement (DSA) are now able to enter their information on how they intend to comply with the DxF via the DSA Signing Portal. In addition, the California Health and Human Services Agency’s (CalHHS) Center for Data Insights and Innovation (CDII) has released the final Participant Directory Policy and Procedure. To facilitate compliance with the DxF, CHA has gathered current information regarding the DxF, the DSA, and related policies and procedures.  

CDII has also announced that the participant directory is available online.  

For more information about these new requirements, contact Trina Gonzalez, vice president, policy, at