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Editorial: How Trump’s war on immigrants will harm healthcare

Just as President Donald Trump’s tariffs are wreaking havoc with American farmers and many manufacturers, his misguided immigration policies will inevitably impose a large and unnecessary burden on the nation’s healthcare system.Rural communities, where support for the president has been strongest, will feel the pain first.

Venture Capitalism & Radiology

Can radiologists make their way to Silicon Valley? In this episode of Radiology Firing Line, Ajay Kohli MD, a physician entrepreneur, explains what it takes to make a medical app.

Listen to our conversation here. 

Can States Fix the Disaster of American Health Care?

Last week, California’s new governor, Gavin Newsom, promised to pursue a smorgasbord of changes to his state’s health care system: state negotiation of drug prices; a requirement that every Californian have health insurance; more assistance to help middle-class Californians afford it; and health care for undocumented immigrants up to age 26.

The proposals fell short of the sweeping government-run single-payer plan Mr. Newsom had supported during his campaign — a system in which the state government would pay all the bills and effectively control the rates paid for services. (Many California politicians before him had flirted with such an idea, before backing off when it was estimated that it could cost $400 billion a year.) But in firing off this opening salvo, Mr. Newsom has challenged the notion that states can’t meaningfully tackle health care on their own. And he’s not alone.

Editorial: AG’s office must not block sale of two Bay Area hospitals

California’s public hospitals have enough trouble providing safety-net care and making their finances work without needless interference from the state.

It boggles the mind that Attorney General Xavier Becerra is asking a bankruptcy judge to block Santa Clara County’s effort to buy O’Connor Hospital of San Jose and St. Louise Regional Hospital of Gilroy.

The alternative is closing the hospitals, setting a horrible precedent for any local government that tries to save health care services in its community.

Committee Members

 Listed below is the current roster for the Emergency Management Advisory Committee:


Mary Massey, BSN, MA, PHN
Hospital Preparedness Consultant
Hospital Preparedness Program Grant, California Hospital Association