CEO Message

One Team – United in Purpose, Principles, and Practice

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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. African Proverb

This message is a bit of an experiment.

It’s the first time the four of us, your association CEOs, are writing to our members collectively. And there’s an important occasion for this new approach.

Over the past year, we and our teams have made a purposeful, sustained effort to improve the way we work together, so that we can be more effective when advocating for hospitals, more efficient when drawing on each other’s expertise, and, ultimately, better at providing you with the best possible experience whenever you need us.

When it comes to the California Hospital Association, the Hospital Council – Northern & Central California, the Hospital Association of Southern California, and the Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties, there is no wrong door, and our teams are more connected than ever to make sure you get the help you need from the right person.

What does this look like in practice?

It’s a full continuum of advocacy — at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels, so you’re covered no matter where help is needed.

This is only possible thanks to the work over the past year to build a unified team from four disparate organizations — efforts that have yielded an unprecedented level of collaboration, as we’re eliminating redundant practices, leveraging internal expertise, and sharing information like never before.

All of this is powered by a new vision for our associations — the One Team concept. This paradigm breaks down those all-too-common, invisible work walls and helps each team member focus on what they, as individuals, can do to advance a goal.

From Eureka to San Diego, Sacramento to Los Angeles, and east to Washington, D.C., you have the full support of every one of your associations, and that support is strengthened by the work we’ve done (and continue to do) to amplify each other’s strengths.

Put another way, we are an integrated team, across the state, working for you.

We are four associations serving the same members.

We are one team, united in purpose and principles.

And we are grateful to you, our members — for your trust in us to support the life-saving and life-changing work you do each day for the people of California.

— Carmela, Bryan, George, Dimitrios