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Mental Health Commission Launches New Dashboards

For behavioral health directors

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

The Mental Health Services Oversight & Accountability Commission has announced the launch of five new dashboards on its Transparency Suite to support learning communities to drive program improvement. The dashboards will also inform community planning by improving public access to information on mental health services and outcomes.  

The five new dashboards are: 

  • Monthly Allocation. Displays information from the State Controller’s Office on monthly allocation amounts by Mental Health Program from August 2012 to present. This is especially important during economic downturns to see how funds fluctuate over time.  
  • Client Services Information Demographic. Provides an overview of people receiving publicly funded Specialty Mental Health Services by fiscal year in various aggregations (e.g., counts, percentages, and averages). 
  • Full-Service Partnership (FSP) Demographic. Provides an overview of people enrolled in an active FSP by fiscal year. 
  • Highlighting Differences to Understand Disparities. Compares the percentage of total persons across data sources by demographic characteristics. The goal is to help users understand who is being served by various demographic categories (e.g., race/ethnicity, age, sex/gender, primary language) in context with other ways those same groups are measured by the county.  
  • Criminal Justice Mental Health Project: Demographics and Outcomes. Links mental health service data from FSP programs as reported in the Data Collection and Reporting. Also shows county-by-county comparisons of arrest rates for the 12 months before FSP enrollment, during enrollment, and for the 12 months after FSP program exit, by gender, age group, race/ethnicity, and by county. 

 Questions, suggestions, or feedback on the dashboards can be directed to