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Membership Directory Updated

The 2010 Membership Directory is now available.

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

This comprehensive listing contains member hospitals, health facilities, health systems and their executive management staffs throughout California.

To facilitate networking, complimentary copies of the directory are being sent to member hospital CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CNOs, human resources executives and media spokespeople. The directory also is being sent to key health care system executives, and Executive, Associate and Personal members.

More than 6,500 top management staff are listed, along with their titles, addresses and phone numbers. The 2010 Membership Directory also includes important data for each member facility, such as bed count, ownership information and license categories.

“With easy-to-use indexes of hospitals, CEOs and administrators, contacting a member has never been more convenient,” said Mary Barker, CHA vice president, publishing and education. “The 2010 directory is the ultimate tool for hospital executives and staff members seeking to network with colleagues.”

The directory is a collaborative effort of CHA and the Regional Associations. Advertisers that support members helped fund the printing of this comprehensive resource. To view a list of 2010 advertisers, visit  

Additional copies of the 2010 Membership Directory are $50 for members and $185 for nonmembers. To purchase, visit