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Meet the Homeless Guardians Protecting California’s Most Vulnerable

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Ignacio has been living in the same industrial alley near the Los Angeles River for the past 20 years. Tyresha calls San Francisco home, but has been without stable housing for more than a decade. And while they may be hundreds of miles apart, their lives have both been touched by health care professionals in their communities.

There are countless others like them throughout the state, and CHA’s Homeless Guardians series introduces readers to Ignacio and Tyresha — as well as the doctors, nurses, social workers, and others who have dedicated themselves to protecting people experiencing homelessness.

A special project of CHA and Our Health California, Homeless Guardians is a chance to share stories from hospitals throughout the state and invite the public to learn about the quiet, compassionate, and perpetual care that makes a real difference in people’s lives. The four-part series — a compilation of stories, photos, statistics, and videos — was introduced in January, with chapters focusing on Sacramento and San Diego. The final two chapters, now available, spotlight the work of health care professionals in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Since the series launched last month, it has generated more than 6,232 page views from 4,539 unique visitors, with the largest portion coming from mobile users — 71%.

Look for the next wave of the series in the coming weeks, which will incorporate mayoral interviews. In the meantime, members are encouraged to share the series with friends, colleagues, and social media acquaintances so they can see for themselves the important work hospitals are doing.