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Joint Commission Revises Quality and Safety Standards

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

The Joint Commission announced it will eliminate 168 quality and safety standards and revise 14 other standards during the first review cycle of 2023.  

The first set of deletions and revisions by program, effective Jan. 1, include: 

  • Hospital: 56 deleted and four revised 
  • Critical access hospital: 37 deleted and four revised 
  • Ambulatory health care: 20 deleted and one revised 
  • Behavioral health care and human services: Nine deleted and one revised 
  • Home care: 10 deleted and one revised 
  • Laboratory services: Six deleted and one revised 
  • Nursing care center: 12 deleted and one revised 
  • Office-based surgery: 18 deleted and one revised 

The decision to revise and retire certain standards will remove redundancies and obsolete measures to allow for new measures related to health equity, sustainability, workforce, and infection prevention. Beginning in 2023, The Joint Commission will review its standards every six months using panels of experts.