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It’s All About the ‘We’ During National Hospital Week

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

The theme of the American Hospital Association’s National Hospital Week celebration this year is deceptively simple: “We Are Healthcare.” 

In just three words, National Hospital Week recognizes and applauds the millions of women and men throughout the country and here in California who do their small part every day to care for people in need. It is their courage, commitment, and compassion that we raise up this week. 

All too often, some take health care for granted — similar to the way we might think grocery stores will always be full, or gas stations will never run out of fuel. National Hospital Week reminds us all to not only appreciate the gift of hope that health care provides, but also to remain vigilant if we are to preserve it. 

“We Are Healthcare” means millions of Californians united in the service of others. 

“We Are Healthcare” means an unbreakable pledge to care for people who need help. 

“We Are Healthcare” means finding new ways, every day, to support patients and communities. 

None of the daily miracles that take place in California’s hospitals — from developing new predictive tools to help deliver babies more safely, to finding better ways to detect cancer, to delivering leading-edge care for diabetic wounds — could happen without so many partners. 

As we celebrate National Hospital Week, we extend our deep gratitude to all of those who are committed to improving the lives of others through healing: health care workers, allied health partners, nonprofit health care organizations, and more.  

They are the “We” in “We Are Healthcare,” and California is fortunate to have them in our corner.