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HHS Launches New Program to Enhance Cybersecurity for Health Care Facilities

What’s happening: The Department of Health & Human Services’ (HHS) Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health launched a new program to enhance and automate cybersecurity for health care facilities. 

What else to know: The Universal PatchinG and Remediation for Autonomous DEfense (UPGRADE) program will invest more than $50 million to create tools for information technology teams to better defend hospital environments. 

The UPGRADE platform will enable proactive evaluation of potential vulnerabilities by probing models of digital hospital environments for weaknesses in software. Once a threat is detected, a remediation (e.g., patch) can be automatically procured or developed, tested in the model environment, and deployed with minimum interruption to the devices in use in a hospital.  

UPGRADE will seek proposals on four technical areas: creating a vulnerability mitigation software platform, developing high-fidelity digital twins of hospital equipment, auto-detecting vulnerabilities, and auto-developing custom defenses.   

Additional details are available on the program website.