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Dr. Tom Insel Discusses Hospital Role in Behavioral Health With CHA’s Carmela Coyle

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The newly released fourth installment of a one-on-one conversation between Tom Insel, MD, behavioral health adviser to Gov. Gavin Newsom, and CHA’s President & CEO Carmela Coyle features a discussion of hospitals’ role in caring for people with behavioral health conditions.

During the discussion, Insel emphasizes the need for a health care delivery system that is prevention-driven rather than crisis-driven.

“When we start to talk about value-based payment in a way that’s actionable, and when we start to take on populations at risk, then you’ll begin to see that hospitals are going to be a critical piece of this,” Insel says.

In the four-part series, the two health care leaders discuss — in addition to hospitals’ role in caring for people with behavioral health needs — fundamental impediments to access to care, including lack of capacity, behavioral health care workforce shortages, and the right setting for care.

Our Health California (OHC), a digital advocacy community of more than 1 million Californians, has also released a consumer-focused video and Q&A with Dr. Insel. Supported by CHA, the OHC community has previously engaged in a number of advocacy issues related to improving behavioral health care in California.