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CHA to Host 2024 Consent Law Seminars

What’s happening: CHA’s consent law seminars will focus on high-risk topics, including gender-affirming care, cannabis use, abortion, and psychiatric holds. 

What else to know: Seminars are scheduled for May 1 in Glendale and May 13 in Sacramento, with the latter also available via livestream. 

Gray areas in consent law can complicate decisions, potentially exposing hospitals to significant litigation threats.  

Speakers Alicia Macklin, partner at Hooper, Lundy & Bookman PC, and Julia Michael, senior managing counsel at Kaiser Foundation Hospitals / Health Plan, will help hospital leaders hone critical-thinking skills and provide the confidence to determine who can rightfully consent to what procedures. Topics include pregnancy-related and gender-affirming care, cannabis use and storage, requirements related to involuntary restraint, and behavioral health treatment challenges. 

View the full agenda and register to attend. Early registration rates end soon.