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CHA Releases FAQs on Implementing AB 1882 Requirements  

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

What’s happening: CHA has created frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the new Assembly Bill (AB) 1882 signage and reporting requirements that hospitals must meet by the end of the year. CHA will release more resources in early December to support members in implementation. 

What else to know: Hospitals have until Jan. 1 to meet new signage and reporting requirements. The FAQs are intended to share the latest guidance from the Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) and the best practices from the hospital field. 

To further support hospitals in this work: 

Additionally, HCAI has posted materials from its recent webinars on these reporting deadlines:

CHA is here to help. Please contact Kiyomi Burchill at with any questions. HCAI has also offered to respond to questions by contacting its Seismic Compliance Unit at  

FAQs on AB 1882 Signage and Reporting Requirements 

(Version 1.0 Released November 30, 2023) 

1. Can we post signage from our hospital next to the signage required by HCAI in Policy Intent Notice 75? 

  • Yes. A number of hospitals are producing their own signage to describe their efforts to keep patients and employees safe. HCAI staff are aware of this. CHA will release a signage template Dec. 7 via CHA News that hospitals may want to consider customizing. 

2. We have submitted our AB 1882 Annual Status Update to HCAI. Now, what do we do to submit that information to the other required entities? 

  • HCAI is posting the information hospitals submit to its website—and asking that hospitals submit that posted report to the other entities.  
  • To find the HCAI-generated report, go to the Facility Detail website, select your hospital and click on the box for “Building Services.” You can then download the report as a pdf. Note that this will not be automatic, immediately after you submit it, but rather once HCAI has posted it. CHA has asked HCAI to allow hospitals to export it directly when they submit it, as originally requested.  

3. Do we need to wait for HCAI to post our report, before submitting this information to the other required entities by the Jan. 1 deadline?  

  • No, the statute does not require that hospitals submit the HCAI-generated report to the other entities. Rather, the statute requires hospitals to submit the Structural Performance Category ratings of, and services provided in, each hospital building.  
  • For the services, hospitals may want to, but are not required to, include the same ones that are in the HCAI-generated reports: 
    • Nursing Med Surg 
    • Surgical 
    • Anesthesia PACU 
    • Clinical Lab 
    • Imaging Radiological Diagnostic Imaging 
    • Pharmacy 
    • Dietetic 
    • Administrative 
    • Sterile Processing 
    • General Storage 
    • Morgue 
    • Employee Dressing 
    • Housekeeping EVS 
    • Laundry Linen 
    • Special Procedures 
    • Burn Unit 
    • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 
    • Pediatric Adolescent Nursing Unit 
    • Psychiatric Nursing 
    • Obstetrics Perinatal Unit 
    • Emergency 
    • Nuclear Medicine 
    • Rehabilitation Therapy 
    • Physical Rehabilitation Nursing Unit 
    • Renal Dialysis 
    • Respiratory 
    • Intermediate Care 
    • Outpatient Services 
    • Skilled Nursing Unit 
    • Central Plant Utility Bldg 
    • Canopies Corridor Buildings Tunnels 
    • Non GAC Uses

4. What is the mailing address for the Office of Emergency Services (CalOES), one of the recipients of the Annual Status Update? Who do we send it to there? 

  • 3650 Schriever Ave., Mather, CA 95655 is the address for CalOES headquarters. You may want to address it to the Director Nancy Ward.