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CHA DataSuite Releases Medicare Hospital FFY 2026 Preliminary Wage Index and Occupational Mix Data Analysis

What’s happening: CHA DataSuite issued a hospital-specific analysis of the Medicare hospital federal fiscal year (FFY) 2026 wage index and occupational mix data.  

What else to know: The data analyzed are preliminary and the first of the three wage and occupational mix data public use files that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued to develop the wage index for FFY 2026.  

It is important that hospitals review these wage data. Under CMS’ hospital wage index development timetable, hospitals have until Sept. 3 to verify their data and submit correction requests with supporting documentation to their Medicare administrative contractor (MAC). This is the only opportunity hospitals will have to request revisions to their data. Subsequent opportunities for correction can only address MAC mishandling of data.  

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