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CHA: A Strong Shield in Defense of Hospital Care

This post has been archived and contains information that may be out of date.

With a little more than a month left in California’s 2023 legislative session, it’s a good time to pause to take stock of some of CHA’s successful advocacy work on a number of bills. 

While the effort to secure financial relief for hospitals — culminating in a historic budget investment — drew much of the attention over the past several months, your CHA team has also been able to fend off legislation that would have hindered health care delivery. To name a few victories:

  • Behavioral Health Staffing — legislation that would require minimum staffing for behavioral health professionals is not moving forward 
  • Community Benefits — legislation that would have created onerous community benefit regulations held until next year 
  • Workers’ Compensation — presumptive eligibility bill held until next year 
  • Integration — legislation to expand attorney general authority over hospital/system partnerships and affiliations held until next year 
  • Emergency Department Overcrowding — bill that would create scoring and reporting requirements for emergency departments held until next year 
  • Substance Testing — bill that would require hospitals to obtain informed consent before testing a pregnant woman or newborn held until next year 
  • Newborn Screening — bill that would disrupt California’s nationally recognized Newborn Screening Program held until next year 

When a bill is held over for another year it may come back but often gets revised or dropped. We will continue to keep you informed of other critical legislative developments through the governor’s bill-signing deadline in October. 

Every day, your hospital teams show up for work, ready to save lives, help people get well, and bring compassion and professionalism to those entrusted to their care.  

Your CHA team is also here every day to support the work you do and help you serve your patients and communities.